take everything off.

Take off the layering of doubt; ply your fingers from the cage you keep your palms inside

Smear your fingerprints with energy and fireflies, with imagination.

Your breath is cold, this is a fact. You believe me. Release it.

Spun like sugar and candyfloss wrapped in plastic and apprehensive existence

I want you to wear me,

Wrap ribbons around your fingertips let my thoughts cascade down your lips

Let your skin be wrapped in someone else's securities, not your own my dear. Feel the voices on your skin, in your ear. Let them sway you, break you

Let the beautiful make you

Let it tickle your tongue and swallow the heartbreak the phases of photographs of memories

Of chess pieces and soul mates

Feel their hands on your hips, on your decisions in-the-making and the smoothness of your skin. Mould breakable under their fingers and scream back stunning

Let it sink in. the taste of something like a shadow

Absorb it into your bloodstream and smear it on the hands of lovers and friends

Be remembered, remarkable

Leave footprints not from your image, but your skin.