A/N: just another little story i wrote earlier this summer; i hope you like it! please review!! -

The sounds of cars and trucks flew around me and chocked me on their exhaust fumes and pollutants which trailed from behind

them like diseased ghosts. Newspapers and other garbage littered the cracked and chipped sidewalks. I came to the end of

the street and crossed the crosswalk, and flaunted my right of way to people in the cars. For some reason, seeing other

people enraged that I just had to cross as the light was turning green gave me the slightest of pleasures and I smiled a little

for the first time that day. As I walked along, people pushed past me, obviously having somewhere else to be besides there. I

subconsciously wondered what could have been on their minds as they elbowed past oceans of human bodies every day just

to make a living... but suddenly, I realized that I didn't really care because I didn't have anywhere I really needed to have

been, and my day had brightened yet again. I passed the homeless people in the streets with mixed feelings and my

happiness dwindled as quickly as it had come. I shivered with mixed pity and revulsion as i passed one. His clothes were so

torn and dirty... he almost looked as though he had gotten them out of a sewer... if I had had some money on me, I would

have given it to him but I had yet to gather my paycheck from my boss. It had been late for quite some time. I hoped he would

get it to me soon- my rent was in desperate need of paying. I looked up as a drop of wetness hit me on my forehead, and see

many others following it. Soon, the sides of the streets were crying with rain water. The gutters gulped it down ensuring that,

after it stops, there would be dry streets in the city once more. Eventually, I was soaked to my skin, and my clothes latched

onto me like magnets. I did not, however, step inside one of the café's in a desperate attempt to dry off. There were less

people in the streets now, and I liked it. The world suddenly seem so crowded. The ones out there were either rushing hither

thither using an umbrella or a newspaper that looks as though it was dug out of the trash, or just like to walk in the rain. I

think I must have been in the nicer part of town- there were fences around the trees and hardly any cracks in the sidewalks.

Rain still fell from the onyx skies, though it had slowed down some. I stopped at one of the trees- something had caught my

eye. I turned to see a bright, yellow dandelion. I bent down and broke its fragile green stem with a small but snapping sound. I

stood back up and softly fingered the sunshine yellow petals. One of them broke off and fell in my hand. I only got a split

second to look at it, because then, the wind picked it up, and flew it away. I stood there, watching a nearly invisible petal,

smaller than the half moon on my thumbnail and smiled, rain still falling onto my face.