Hey guys! Okay, this story is actually supposed to be an anime show, so its in script form. I will be posting pictures of the characters on DeviantART soon, and once I animate the show, it will be on Youtube! And I know that the characters can be kinda hard to follow at first, but it'll they'll get easier to understand. Oh, and Amami's real name is Amaterasu, but everyone calls her Amami. Thanks! And check out my page for more info…enjoy!!

Episode 1

Opening Scene:

Amami is running down the street in front of Shunitzu Boarding School for Ninjas with no shoes and school uniform. She runs out laughing. Birds chirp. Five seconds later, two extremely handsome senseis chase after her.

Opening credits

Girls Dorm: Mizuko is reading, and Azuza is giggling with her friends.

Mizuko: I wonder where Amami is? I mean she's supposed to be in class and all, but I don't think she is…

Azuza: Oh, that loser? She just ran by the window with NO SHOES ON!! But she's being chased by those dreamy senseis.

Amami: -just burst through the door- Mizuko! I've been looking all over for you! Why are you reading?

I'm in a ton of… -sees Azuza, starts using overly sweet voice- Oh, hello Azuza.-turns away and whisper yells to Mizuko) GET OVER HERE!

Mizuko: What is it? –Pushes hair behind ear?)

Amami: Well, I kind of forgot to wear shoes to class, and when we were practicing techniques…

Azuza: -pauses to listen in-

Amami: …I was paired up with that guy who likes me, I forgot his name.

Azuza: Izo

Amami: Yeah, that, Anyway, I was practicing my summoning scroll for all kinds of weapons and then throwing them at him, and, uh, well one scroll accidentally made it in there… -giggles mischievously-

Mizuko: Oh no! Not that one we made of Utera-sensei when he was drunk and danced around saying he was the moon goddess!

Amami: Yep, I summoned the picture, and the teacher saw it, and now I have two really hot ninjas after me.

Mizuko: Amami! You just can't do things like that! I told you that if you get in too much trouble, you'll have to go home, and then what would happen?

Amami: I would run away and have all the freedom in the world!

Mizuko: No, we would be separated, and you know that would be awful for me

Amami: -sees Azuza listening, and glares at her- Do you MIND? Anyway, I should probably get back to class if that is the case


-Amami is dragged in by the two good looking ninjas-

Utera-sensei: Amaterasu Mizatomi, what is the meaning of this? –holds up picture, and the whole class laughs-

Amami: I'm sorry –makes eyes big- Pretty please don't file a report! I'll be perfect from now on.

Utera-sensei: Okaay. But you must promise!


Izo: Nice one, Amami. How far did you make it before you got caught?

Amami: Nishi Shinshitsu Girl's Dorm. –goes back to making a rat look like a unicorn-

Izo: I know it's the first day back from summer and all, and it's time for new beginnings. You can't really hate me for what I said last year to you and all, can you?

Amami: I can do whatever the hell I want to Izo.

Izo: Fine then, I want to take back everything I said last year, okay? I've changed and there those things are just cruel. Please forgive me…

Amami: ...-looks shocked- (inner voice: Yah right, Izo apologizing? Since when? Whan an ass… he should have said it when it mattered…)


Izo: You're just ugly Amami. Why don't you go home and not bother people like me who are just good looking, AND popular.

-Amami starts to cry-



Amami: What the hell is your problem, fuzzbag? You think I'm some clueless ditz? –then looking flustered, turning back to channeling her pink chakra-

Izo: I said I'm sorry, what more could I do? Anyway, since you've forgiven me, will you be my girlfriend?

Amami: What?? I just told you off, asshole! There's no way I would ever go out with you!

Izo: Oh well, be that way. But I promise you, you, Amaterasu Mizatomi will go out with me by the end of the year as my girlfriend!

Amami: right. Whatever.


-Amami already has her hair all messed up, no shoes, loose socks, and her bow is untied. She is eating a huge turkey sandwich when Izo stops at her table. Everyone is watching because they all know what went down that morning. Mizuko pretends not to notice him, and Amami really doesn't realize he's there-

Izo: Hello, my sweet

-Two tables over, Azuza glares at both of them, and a vein appears on her forehead-

Amami: -Looks up- Um…what?? –starts choking on sandwich-

Izo: -starts pounding her on the back with more lust than necessary-

Amami: Get the hell away from me, you pervert! –first words out of her mouth after she catches her breath-

Izo: Don't be like that. Don't you realize we could be the most amazingly beautiful couple in the long history of the school?

(the whole cafeteria is watching)

Amami: Why can't you just compliment me, you always say, I'm so beautiful, or we could be so perfect together. WHAT AMI, COLLECTABLE TO YOU?? HUH? IS THAT IT? DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO FALL FOR THAT? Why can't you just go die somewhere?

Izo: I don't give up. Will you be my girlfriend?

Amami: -continues eating and ignores him-

Tatsuyoshi-sensei: -whips out his neon yellow banjo and starts singing Kumbaya off key-


Amami is beating up a log while concentrating her chakra to burst the log into a million pieces. It doesn't work, so she is in a bad mood.

Amami: Damn shitty log. What the hell is this? WOOD?!

Atsushi walks up

Atsushi: Umm. Hello there Amami. Having any trouble?

Amami: -not realizing that he's there, so she keeps on swearing to herself…finally notices him- Damn! Oh! My! How long have you been there? –Blushes-

Atsushi: Long enough. Anyway, you taught me some words I didn't know. You look like you are having a hard time… so I wondered if I could train with you because…you know, it's easier with two people

Amami: (Inner voice: Holy shit! Yes! Wow! It's like Christmas! You get boobs over the summer, and all of the sudden, guys like me, NOT Azuza! BRING IT ON!) Uh I don't know, I'm kinda busy…

Atsushi: Sure. –turns to leave-

Amami: Wait don't leave!

Atsushi: But you just said you didn't want me here…

Amami: But I do! –Realizes that she was grabbing his sleeve, then blushes and lets go-

Atsushi: Well, if that's how you feel…

Camera pans out and they become inaudible


Izo: (Inner voice: Wow. Yah. I'm next to Azuza. Again. How does this keep happening?) To Azuza: Why are you stalking me?

Azuza: I AM NAWT! –puts on more lip gloss-

Izo: Fine. You are creepily following me around. Stop.

Azuza: -looks hurt- No, we just happen to be next to each other. Why do you like Amami so much? I could do so much more for you –winks-

Izo: -looks around for an open sead- umm. Why, do you like me??

Azuz: Yes. So why do you like Amami? You could have me in a heartbeat.

Izo: You're no fun. You make it too easy for guys

Azuza: But guys like it that way…

Izo: wow… you're telling me what guys like…

Azuza: Well, I mean, that's what everyone says…

Izo: -finally finds a different seat and moves-


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