Amami is standing in front of her peers in the living room of the dorm.

Amami: Sooo, here I am. Yeah, I don't feel like telling you about my experience as I am still pretty pissed about being suspended… -coughs- Azuza. But I would like to 'apologize' for my behavior at Izo's house. Do you guys forgive me?

Atsushi: Of course!

Izo: Didn't know you needed to apologize for anything… but sure!

Mizuko: I think that goes without saying… -smiles warmly but Amami doesn't respond-

Azuza: No. Never. –crosses arms and looks away-

Amami: Whatever, fruitcake. I don't care about your forgiveness! –crosses arms and looks away also-

Mizuko: -makes hand signals that convey that this is getting awkward- Well, if that's it, then I'll talk to you later Amami, and I'll just get back to training again… bye! –runs out of the room at top speed-

Atsushi and Izo: Yeah… -also run out-


Izo is in Amami's doorway, peering in while she sits on her bed, listening to her iPod and looking out of the window.

Amami: If you come in Shunitzu, I will kill you. Yeah, I can hear your loud feet clomping down the hallway to greet me like a retarded puppy. Go away…

Izo: You could hear me?

Amami: Did I not just say that?

Izo: -shrugs and tries to keep the conversation going- Well, you know, I just wanted to say hi because your back and everything… I'm sorry you got expelled… But next time, I can provide you with a place to stay! You don't have to go to that creeper Ozora for shelter! He'll try to take advantage of you if you're not careful!

Amami: I don't think he knows how close to the truth he is… You think you know so much, do ya? Hm? Well, I can tell you that I will see whoever I want and that doesn't mean Ozora. Or anyone. I can be a hobo if I want to! I love Ozora even if he does bad things like…. Whatever.

Izo: -is sitting on the comfy chair in her room, looking at his crossed legs- So Azuza was right…

Amami: And you just assume that I—WHAAAT? –falls on her back on the bed, so she is looking at him upside down, and her eyes bug out- EH? WHAT IS THIS THAT SHE TOLD YOU? She told you that I like Ozora? Well, did.

Izo: No, she told us—me and Atsushi I mean, that you only love Ozora.

Amami: And you believed her? I can be indecisive if I want to! I mean, I'm not even sure if I like anyone right now and I really don't feel like talking to Ozora and I really don't want anyone to touch me or anything…. Going to Ozora's was like a huge ordeal and meeting Rei and Jake was just a lucky break and I think that I really need to sleep now! –jumps up across the room, get him up, and starts to push him out of the open door-

Izo: -braces and stops her from pushing him, and grabs her by the shoulders- Get the point! I'm not just trying to get you into bed or have you as a trophy like those other guys! Or are just to stubborn or blinded by rage and forcing your independence on everyone to notice that-- -a single tear comes falls from the corner of his eye onto Amami's nose- Don't you get it? –shakes his head, blushes and Amami is trying to look nonchalant, then he forces her to look at him in the eyes- I. LOVE. YOU. Get the picture?

Amami: -tears fall from her eyes, but she doesn't wipe them away- Get your fruiting mitts off of me or I swear to whatever god is there right now I will kill you! –hits him square in the chest, knocking him back and causes his back to crash into the door frame, where she keeps hitting him blindly and he just closes his eyes and takes it- Go to hell! I don't want you touching me! I don't want you forcing you ridiculous love on me either! Stop telling me what to do and what you think of what I do! I'm sick of you! I'm sick of my life! Just go away! –finally slams him out of her room and locks the door, then leans against it, sliding down to the floor, sighing- What did I do to deserve this? Why can't I tell anyone about how awful I feel? Like I lost something, like my innocence or what I was fighting for. After that day with Ozora, I feel like I lost someone dear and I'm still searching for them.

Later, outside Nishi (west) dorm on the training field. Atsushi and Mizuko are training together. Mizuko is currently in what looks like a trance, with crystalline drops of water swirling around her, forming into shapes, then breaking apart and forming new shapes. Atsushi is just staring at her in awe, but then he starts to focus on a pattern he is drawing on the ground. The pattern looks like a squashed sea urchin, and all the spikes are surrounding Atsushi. When he is finished surrounding himself, he gets up, brushes off his pants, and makes hand signals, which makes the mud he drew the patterns in form like a protective, very pointy mud armor around his body. He walks toward Mizuko with this mud armor and begins a complicated attack.

Atsushi: DORO MIMATSU!!! (Mud Spray) –flecks of mud shape into spikes and try to penetrate Mizuko's droplet armor, but fails because the droplets turn to ice and deflect them-

Mizuko: -peeks out of one eye- Atsushi! You have to come at me like you really want to hurt me or something! You can't have some half-assed attempt on my life! I am trying to hurt your team!! I am the Hisoka-Jin!!! –closes eye and she smiles to herself-

Atsushi: GRRR!!! –does a emasculating grunt and gets a different look in his eye- Fine! If you really want to hurt my group, the take this! Yochi Hebi Kaze!! (earth snake wind) –a strong gust blows past Mizuko, making her open her eyes, then a brown snake formes in the wind and slashes INSIDE of her bubble of water. She gets criss cross marks on her arms and a cut on her cheek.-

Atsushi: Sorry! –immediately stops the snake and goes up to her, to try to help her-

Mizuko: I think not! –eyes are cloudy, then they are a pure blue, and she starts to levitate- Mizu Ranpu kuno-n! (Water Light Substitute) –Immediately, the water drops are gone, and there are two forms of Mizuko. They both come at Atsushi, who has let down his guard. A swift kick to space between Atsushi's shoulder blades, and a punch to the stomach makes him land on his back, and Mizuko promptly flips him over and ties his hands together- See? You can't let your guard down, even for a second. Here. -unties him and helps him up- You just can't. Everyone on the team is important. If you let your personal feelings get in the way, then you fail.

Atsushi: Hey! It's just a practice session! If you make mistakes, it's okay! God, you're harsh. What gave you such a hard callus?

Mizuko: -sits against a tree, Atsushi sits by her. She puts her hand on the ground, then picks it back up and there is a ball of water there. She passes it to Atsushi, the gets one for herself. Atsushi is kinda shaky on the control, but then he gets how to control the water and plays with it- My first memory is working out in the fields. Before they found out that I am smart, they shoved a basket of pea pods in my two-year-old hands and told me to put the shells in one bucket and the peas in the other. If I ate any, I would not get to stop until I had filled 3 buckets for every bean I ate. That was my beginning training. So don't tell me that you can't do anything, or that it is hard to protect everyone, or that if you lose a match, it's no big deal. Because I had to work hard to get here. I have a reminder of that, everyday I am here –moves the strap of her tank top to show the print burned into her skin, a family crest, on her left shoulder blade- See? I got that when I was a little kid!

Atsushi: Mizuko, that is terrible, but I think you take this too seriously. You should have more fun like Amami.

Mizuko: No, she has too much fun.

Atsushi: -laughs a little- Well, yeah. Modified Amami fun.

Mizuko: You like her, don't you? Really, really like her. Are you going to tell her?

Atsushi: -blushes- I feel like this is always the conversation…

Mizuko: Right. Whatever. Do you want a rematch?

Atsushi: Haha, noo. Not right now. Let's go check on the folks inside, shall we? I'm kinda hungry.

Mizuko: You're always hungry… But okay! –they jump up and head inside-

Inside the Nishi (west) dorm is in total disarray. Furniture and paper bits are everywhere. There are singed bits of the wall, and the banister is broken off of the staircase. There are three throwing stars stuck in the kitchen door.

Atsushi: Holy crap. What happened? –looks to Mizuko-

Mizuko: Hello? I don't know! I was training with you? Remember? –playfully hits him on the arm-

Sounds from another room upstairs can be heard.

Muffled voice 1: You bitch! I can't believe you! You ruin everything! You steal the spotlight, and take away friends, and everything! Just die!! ARGGGHHH!!! -5 thuds are heard in rapid succession-

Muffled voice 2: Well at least I'm not a psycobitch who scares away anyone who might potentially want to be friends with me!!

Atsushi and Mizuko reach Azuza's room, which is just as bad as the rest of house. Nothing is recognizable as furniture.

Azuza: -her hair is messed up and her face is dirty, her clothes are ripped, and she has a minor cut on her leg- I hope you get expelled next time! Yeah! I lied so that I could get more time with Izo, and guess what? The whole time, all he talked about was you! What is your problem? He liked me at the end of last year! What did you do to him?

Amami: -looks even worse than Azuza, has a freely bleeding cut on her left cheek, and the sleeves of her shirt are ripped. Her skirt is almost nonexistent, exposing the many cuts and bruises on her legs. She is sitting in the corner, with Azuza standing over her, but she doesn't look like she is defeated yet- Well that ain't my fault honey! I just can't help that I'm just that much prettier and more interesting than you! –smirks, and Azuza slaps her, making the cut on her cheek bleed more-

Atsushi: -jumps into the room all the way to the far corner to stop Azuza from hitting Amami more- Quit it! Both of you! Who started this? –they both point to one another- Ugh. You guys. This is so childish! I don't want either of you guys suspended, so I'm gonna call Tatsuyoshi-sensei now. Mizuko, make sure they don't keep fighting!

Mizuko: Sure. –Atsushi leaps out the door, then a few seconds later a door can be heard slamming- Amami! You know that Hitoshi really wants to throw you out of school! Why did you get in a fight?

Amami: -points to Azuza- She started it, really! Leftover anger from Izo's I guess. –sticks out tongue at Azuza- I was totally acting out of self defense!!

Azuza: Well I was provoked! She said the meanest things!! -pouts, and looks around her room- Look what you did, bitch! Now I have to get my room remodeled!

Tatsuyoshi: -enters room- I do not think that will be necessary, Satoshi-san. I have had a short discussion with Headmaster Hitoshi and we decided that you are to be moved to the Kita (north) dorm effective immediately. Please pack up whatever belongings you have left and head there right now. One of their teachers will debrief you, and there will be some consequences for both of you. Go! –Azuza glares at Amami, then leaves with nothing in her hands- Now. Amami. What is this? This is your first day back, and you are already getting in fights? Come on. I know that you are such a better person than this!

Mizuko: -timidly cuts off Tatsuyoshi- Um, excuse me Tatsuyoshi-sensei? But if Azuza leaves, who will come to fill in?

Tatsuyoshi: I think that Bink Kaimu-san is coming over. –Mizuko smiles a little, then goes outside, but is still visible- He should be here by tonight. I think he has more belongings to bring. –chuckles a little- You know what? Amami, I'll discipline you later. Just head over to the nurse's and come back when you are all healed up. The rest of the dorm will work on cleaning this up. Just take it easy. And I do know that Azuza framed you, and that she started this whole fight. –Amami knods- But DO NOT take more action against her or I will not fight for you not to get suspended this time.

Amami: Thank you sensei. –Tatsuyoshi drags her up, off the floor, then she slowly walks out of the room, and camera follows her as she trips down the stairs and out the door. She passes Izo as she leaves, and he takes one look at her, offers to help, but she pushes him away. He kinda shrugs, then runs upstairs-

Izo: -looks around- What the hell happened? It looks like Amami was trying out her newfound ninja skills she developed with Rei and Jake.

Mizuko: Well, Amami and Azuza got in a fight. Now Azuza is going to Kita (north) and Kaimu is coming here. Amami was just heading to the nurses. She's really pissed right now, for some reason. Nobody is mad at her, at least not here…

Izo: I think something happened at Ozora's that she isn't telling us about. He said that they did stuff that I can only imagine doing with her…. –Sees Mizuko's surprised face- But I don't think they did. He was probably exaggerating, but if she isn't telling, then we'll never know. –He shrugs-

Mizuko: I hope she knows she can always trust her teammates. I mean, that sounds corny, but we'll always be there for her, right? –She looks at him expectantly-

Izo: Oh yeah. We're the best at never leaving when we're supposed to. That girl though. Amami could get into trouble if she was given a pass to do anything she wanted and nothing she did was against the law….

Mizuko: Well, yeah. But she is fun to have around. There's always someone who thinks outside of the box, and it's really refreshing for everyone else…

Izo: Yeah. –He uses some chakra to mend the wall in Azuza's old room, making the burnt patch look unburnt-

Atsushi: -starts on another corner, thinking about Amami- What do you think we could do to make her feel like we could help her? She seems pretty, you know, down and everything. Like, could we, I don't know. Have a dorm night where we watch movies like we used to? I always thought that was fun…

Mizuko: Maybe if we just let her have space, then she'll recover. I really have no idea what has her so down.

Izo: Good idea. Maybe when she has recovered, we can have that movie night.

Mizuko: One more thing. Just stop. Both of you. She really can't take it right now. You know what I'm talking about. Just don't. Not for a while…

Izo: -nods, and moves to fixing a different part of the room- Okay.

Atsushi: Um, sure, but I don't know what you are talking about…. –he shrugs, and continues to work on the room. It is starting to look like a place to live in again-

Beat. The doorbell rings, and Mizuko jumps off of the balcony instead of going down the stairs to run to the door.

Mizuko: -running her hand through her hair and smiling before she opens the door- Hello?

Kaimu: Hey there. I'm supposed to move here, and I wanted to come early so I could get settled in…

Mizuko: Oh, yeah, well then you can just come upstairs and meet everyone I mean we were just cleaning up so you're room is a little messy, and you might need to help clean up a little, and Amami was just visiting the nurse because she got in a fight with Azuza and—

Kaimu: -cuts her off- Thank you. Do you always talk this much?

Mizuko: -blushes and shakes her head- No…

Kaimu: Don't worry, I think it's cute…. –He runs a hand through his turquoise hair and smiles- So, where is my room? I don't have very much stuff, but I will need to put it somewhere.

Mizuko: -Smiles dreamily at him, then shakes her head and focuses- Right. Well, it's Azuza's old room, right at the top of the stairs… -She leads him up to the wrecked room, stepping over debris from other parts of the dorm that were wrecked- Okay then, say hello to Atsushi, and Izo. I think you met them on that rescue mission they went on. Say hi to Kaimu, guys!

Atsushi: Hi, yeah, you were there when we first started, before I got caught…

Izo: And I'm Izo. We never really talked because I was, you know, well, captured. Anyway, so welcome to this place. Amami is gone right now, but you'll meet her later…

Mizuko: And you already know me. So, um, I think we will need a new bed in here, and a dresser… -She looks around, then sighs.- This will take forever… Dammit. Let's just do this one more time… Everyone get out. I'm gonna clean the house. –The boys exit, and she kneels at the front door, eyes closed- SEION TAISHA! Serene Regeneration! –The house is instantly clean, but she passes out from overuse of chakra-

Izo: Well damn. She shouldn't have done that if she already used a ton of chakra!

Amami heads back after going to the nurses. Her wrists are wrapped, and she has a bandage on her cheek. She heads over the lawn in front of Nishi (west) and sees Mizuko fall down.

Amami: Hey! What is this? What did you do to her? –She runs to her friend-

Izo: Nothing! She was cleaning the house, and the she just passed out.

Atsushi: Well, Mizuko was battling me today. Maybe she should have waited…

Amami: Well duh! Everyone has one technique that they have mastered really well but takes a lot of chakra. Mizuko is really proud of all of hers, so you can't just let her go using it all the time! Try to care for your fellow ninjas! She is the best one we have on this team! Seriously. –She picks up Mizuko and goes inside the now clean dorm and takes Mizuko to her room, laying her on the bed- Great. Now who will I vent to? –She exits the room, gently shutting the door- Okay then. Oh, hi Kaimu. When did you get here? Sorry about your room… -She scratches the back of her neck-

Kaimu: Oh, it's fine. Azuza can definitely get on people's nerves… -He laughs, and then smiles, crinkling his gray eyes- So, when do classes start for you guys? And Headmaster Hitoshi told me that next week we're starting on some sort of new project that he says will make the entire school knit together more… Dunno what that is about… So, tell me about you guys! –The group heads to the kitchen, where Amami pulls out a couple packages of instant ramen and starts to make them while Kaimu talks- So then I get this message from Headmaster that I need to switch dorms because, and I quote, 'That bitch is at it again' –Amami snorts- And I run there and here I am…

Kaimu continues to talk, but he is inaudible, and the entire group laughs at something he says.

End credits

Sorry this took so long! School is frickin hard, and when I get my grades in math and French up, then my grades in English and science go down, and those are my best subjects! What the hell? So I finally finished this and am already working on chapter 11. Expect it up in the next week or so! Fun Fun!