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I silently stared at the piece of paper that rested upon the mahogany surface of my desk. My hand twirled a pen semi-

consciously as the gears in my mind shifted and turned. I narrowed my eyes at the blank whiteness, innocently laying there,

contrasting with the dark wood. Giving an exasperated sigh, I turned my attention to the window, where sunlight bristled

forth, and giving Midas's touch to everything in its reach. The view from my window followed to the back of my house, where a

garden blossomed forth. Roses were sprinkled amongst the vines which hung, growing on the pale, white walls that guarded

and hid my Eden from view. I got up, and unlatched the window just as a gust of air blew in, blessing the staleness of the

room with its cool light touch. Despite the radiant sunlight, I noticed a shadow spread across a stretch of the soft grass. My

eyes followed it, and saw it lead to the tree that stood in the middle of the courtyard, its emerald- green leaves whispering to

the wind as it floated by. I looked, curiously at the sapling- at the rough bark, and gilded roots that cracked the rippling grass

like a shift in ice. I began to hear words, caressing my thoughts, shrouding my mind. I sat back down, pulled the parchment

closer to me, pen in hand. Words flowed from my head, down my arm, through the pen, and onto the paper, feverishly, liquid in

motion. I was blind to the world around me, and could only see the words curling in my spiral scrawl. I could hear the lexis

pounding as loudly as my heart beat, calling me. I listened to what it had to say. Faster and faster, the words bubbled forth

like a hot spring hidden in the mountains. I became lost in the words as they poured from my soul onto the paper… I was

succumbing to the pleasure of encasing part of myself in this writing- in this piece of time that will forever meant to be relived

by whoever reads this… the wind blew again, harder this time, throwing papers aside, making my workplace askew, pushing its

way through the room, as though curious to know what secrets lie within. I was unaware of this, however, as hallowed

adrenaline licked at my veins, coursing throughout my pounding heart. I stopped, smiling, now viewing my full paper. Slowly, I

got up, and closed the window, my gaze lingering on the tree whose leaves still whispered back.

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