My heart stopped beating

My brain stopped functioning

My world came crashing to the ground

Everything I had ever cared for

Was taken from me in a split second

When the police man came around

He told me they died quickly

He told me they weren't in pain

But the pain it caused me was grand

Now I'm all alone in an empty world

With nobody but myself for company

Despite the population of this land

For when the plane hit the twin towers

My family and friends were killed

Their bodies buried under stone and sand

Now I am just a little boy

My life was full of hopes and dreams

Now I have nobody to care for me

I live alone on the streets of America

A poor lonely child with nothing of his own

I have too many horrors that I have seen

The death of my teacher, the death of my neighbour,

The deaths of all of my friends

The worst thing I saw was the death of my family

Buried under rubble and stone

Never to be seen again

And all the police man could say was R.I.P.

Well thank you Mr Officer

Thank you for your concern

But now my life is ruined, yes sir-ee.