I am alone in this cold world

It's My Life

I am alone in this cold world

Where I had the misfortune to be born

My friends have deserted me

In this life full of forlorn


Friends are the family

We choose for ourselves

A good life is out of reach

Placed too high on the shelves


I've been poor all my life

Never had anything as good as them

They say I get too jealous

But wouldn't you if your life was so grim?


I still wear the same clothes I had years ago

I don't have the money to buy any more

My friends say my dress sense is atrocious

But theirs would be too if they were poor


So now I'm alone

Just myself for company

My friends are past caring

My mum I never see


I'm always working

Just so that we can survive

While my friends go out

And have fun with their lives


My friends can all afford to go shopping

I can never afford anything they get

I never have been able to

Ever since we met


Now they all dislike me

For something out of my control

They seem unable to understand

That in my depression they have a roll


Now I'm seriously depressed

I want my life to end

All because of some stupid friends

Driving me round the bend


Now I dread the lunch hour

I dread any time they're near

I'd rather be alone all the time

For my anger is what I fear


I don't want to hate my friends

I don't want to say something I don't mean

But the way they've treated me recently

Makes me want to remain screened


I don't want to be near them at all

They don't understand my life

They'll never know what it's like to be me

With my parent's ongoing strife


My life has always seemed harsh

And I don't know what I've done

Why does everyone else get it so easy?

At times I just want a gun


To end it all now is the easy way out

I don't like being alone

I don't like having no friends

I don't like the agony filled groans


My head hurts from all the shouting

My body is weak from all the work

I'm trying to live a normal life

When really my life is berserk


Everything seems to be going wrong

The friends I could trust have all died

I'm only a school child forced to grow up

In a society filled with cruel lies


The pain that flows from my heart

Every day and every night

Would be enough to make adults scared

For me it is quite a fright


My life has never been easy

The pain will never go away

The memories I have of the bad times

Are always here to stay


I hope to have more good times

They may make the bad seem less

But I know that because of my childhood

My whole life will be a mess


I'm trying to get some good grades

I'm trying to hide all the pain

My friends don't know the real me

My friends never see the tear stains


My parents don't really care about me

I'm always left out of everything

My dad told me he never wanted to see me again

After my mum he gave a ring


My mum goes away every weekend

My dad doesn't live here now

My brothers and sisters all have a good life

My dad just thinks I'm a cow


My mum told me she didn't want me

I was just a stupid mistake

She never even loved me

If she went back in time my life she would not make


I feel so alone and depressed all the time

I have nobody left to rely on

All I wanted was a simple life

Now I want my life to be gone.