End of term lesson

End of term lesson

It was the end of term

Spirits were high

Just one more lesson

Before we could leave with a sigh

What happened in that lesson

Was rather obscured

Our teacher went crazy

For want of a better word

King of the Bongo

Was how it all began

She made us all sing it

It made her no fans

But when she started dancing

The whole class was laughing at her

It may have been the end of term

But we weren't expecting a dancer

The dance was funny enough

But when her shoe broke too

The whole class was laughing so hard

They almost didn't see her other shoe

It also snapped and flew across the room

Just as the headmaster walked by

He wondered what was going on

But couldn't calm us down no matter how he tried

So the whole class was laughing

The teacher was embarrassed

The headmaster was confused

But then he looked at the watch on his wrist

"Time for lunch, you may all go early"

Was what he decided to say

So we all left our teacher there

To fix her shoe while we were away