Kinder garden, yes, just like kinder garden.

I mean, I don't remember it too clearly but I remember several moments.

But I don't remember how I learnt to count.

I remember the surprise when they told us that there's a number after ten, well, numbers and that'll be our topic tomorrow.

Learning the number eleven seemed like a big step, as if we'd be adults.

Actually, it is.

You simply start learning something after the main, canon basics.

I've got my ten.

Mum, Dad, Emma, Lee, Alex, Martin, Mia, Robert.

I kind of stopped wearing black and started slightly opening to people like Robert and Mia, who are too damn funny.

I've got people I love, need and care about.


No, we didn't bump into each other.


The name quickly passed threw my mind as quickly. My heart skipped a beat. His dark eyes, wait, weren't they hazel? No, now they were a dark grey. I never noticed. Not like I cared. We quickly passed, nothing mattered. My hands formed too tight fists that my nails dug into my skin.

I may be worried, but it doesn't matter. I've moved on. I could feel his gaze stop on me. But then, it's not cool to return to your ex. Coolness always mattered him. Everything will be ok. I may be single, not for long, maybe long. As if I cared. Unlike Orlando or Zack, it doesn't matter.

He won't bother me.

I laughed as I walked past.

Both were past.

I had people who I loved, who I cared about and who won't ever leave me.

I was stepping into a future where I didn't need people who wanted an illusion of me but the real me.



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