happy birthday love.

sorry it's late...but better late than never i guess.


tell me love, do you feel like you're alone?
do you feel like all of the lights are off inside
and nobody's home?
like nothing you do will ever be good enough.

she's the one with the broken gaze,
faking smiles and choking out forced happiness
and she feels stuck, but everything is a daze.
worthless, blurry faces in a foggy mirror.

does she sound the same as another?
do you feel you might know her?
well the truth does have a tendency to smother.
you might realize that this girl is almost painfully familiar.

i think she just wants to let go sometimes.
like the world and her friends – it's all just too much.
so she wants a support, someone to notice all this crap. wants a firm grip on her world.
maybe sometimes control slips out of her clutch.

open your eyes just a little more.
legs buckle and the storm snarls as you sink to the floor.
the wounds are still stinging, sore.
words like morphine, singing right to your core.


i'll always be here for you.
i'll catch you when you fall.