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May of the next year…

I was sitting in the nursery's waiting room, nervously applying my lip gloss, then taking a bite from my sub, and reapplying my lip gloss all over again. It went on like that for about seven minutes, but then I was interrupted by Michaela who grabbed my lip gloss from me.

I glared at her. "I need to reapply!" I exclaimed, holding my sub to my lap with one hand and reached after her with the other.

Michaela sighed, her blonde hair up in a pony tail and her light blue work uniform as her current outfit and her nametag flopping around as she moved.

"Did you just get done working?" I asked. She nodded and sat down next to me.

I inhaled and exhaled impatiently.

"So, any news," Michaela asked, and I shook my head no.

We were waiting for the news that Kaycee and Cam had their baby. It was a Saturday, so I didn't have school. It turned out I got my job as a teacher at the local high school as the teacher in charge of the student newspaper. It was fun, and only being twenty-four, I could relate to a lot of the things the kids were going through. I know, sounds dorky, but somehow people (being students) found out that it was my ex-boyfriend/fiancé that was arrested a few months ago for vehicular manslaughter. So then, I had students asking me what it was like with Hayden and telling me about their imprisoned family members, and some asked for advice. I sort of became their own guidance councilor, without the title, of course.

Poor Kaycee, she had been in labor for about seven hours now, and I had originally brought her to the hospital. Cam was at school, going for his degree in law. His family had their own law firm that he would own one day, but for now, he just helped out there, not being able to actually do any legal work. Right now, he was in the delivery room with Kaycee, waiting for their baby.

Michaela had been working when I called her and told her that Kaycee went into labor, and I kept myself busy with everything I could.

I watched as Michaela leaned back and started counting the ceiling tiles, and I interrupted her. "There are seventy-two."

She was startled, and then she turned to the tile floor. "There are fifty-three of those."

She sighed. "Thanks, Audrey, thanks a lot," She said sarcastically.

I sighed and fell back into the stupid hospital chair for the twenty-millionth time.

"Where's Nicole?" Michaela asked, breaking the silence of the empty room.

"She's closing up shop," I said, rubbing the wood armrest.

"What about Jason?" Michaela asked.

"I left a message with the receptionist at his department thingy, so I don't know," I said as I took my hair out of the ponytail I put it in five minutes ago and arranged it rightly on my head.

"And you've been here for seven hours?" Michaela asked, amused.

I sighed and looked at the clock. "Seven hours, twenty-six minutes and forty seconds, oh, make that forty-one, forty-two,"

"I get it," Michaela cut me off sharply. I smiled at her and finished off my sub. I leaned forward and drank out the water bottle I originally bought for Kaycee, and finished that off too.

"Hello Ladies," I heard a familiar voice say from the doorway.

As my heart leapt, I looked up to see Jason standing there in his white uniform on, and his nametag pinned on that. I smiled at him and patted the seat next to me.

Jason walked over and stood next to me, grabbed my arm and pulled me up, then sat where I was sitting and pulled me onto his lap.

I cuddled into his warm body and breathed in his fresh scent. I rubbed his chest and he used his one arm to lock around my waist and keep me where I was.

But, I wasn't about to move.

"Hi, Jason," Michaela said kindly.

"Yeah," I agreed as I smiled up at Jason. "Hi."

He laughed and moved his arm from my waist to my back where he rubbed it softly.

"So?" He asked.

"Nothing," I said with a shrug, which was hard when I was leaning against Jason.

"Oh yeah," Michaela said, her face lighting up like she just had an epiphany. "I forgot to tell you guys, Ryder and I picked a date for the wedding."

"And," I pressed on.

"April of next year," Michaela finished with an excited smile.

"I think Ryder mentioned that earlier," Jason thought aloud.

I rubbed his chin and kissed him lightly on the lips. Lately, Cam, Jason and Ryder had been hanging out a lot, which I totally supported and loved. Kaycee, Michaela and I were spoiled with such great men, somehow.

"What doesn't he tell you?" I asked Jason with a cocked eyebrow.

He smiled. "And what doesn't Michaela tell you?" He shot back with a flirtatious smile.

I looked and Michaela and let out a chuckle. "Obviously a lot, since you heard before me."

Michaela shook her head disapprovingly and had a smile on her lips. "That's what you like thinking."

"Yes, yes it is," I agreed.

"Hey guys," Ryder said as he walked in and sat down next to Michaela. He kissed her on the lips before smiling at us.

"Hi, Ryder," I said, and Jason nodded a greeting.

"Nothing yet," He guessed.

Solemnly, I nodded.

"Oh," Ryder said quietly as he grabbed Michaela's hand and massaged it with his own.

I smiled as Michaela started blushing and rested my head back on Jason's shoulder.

All of the sudden, Cam burst into the room, a bright smile on his face. "I'm a daddy!" He exclaimed excitedly. "And my boy's name is Ronald Taylor Philips!"

Baby Ronnie was born on May tenth, and was eight pounds heavy and nineteen inches long. His god parents were Taylor (Kaycee's older brother) and his wife Charlotte. He had trace amounts of brunette hair on his head and blue eyes, which over the years went icy blue like Kaycee's.

Just like Michaela had said, the next April, she and Ryder were married. Michaela somehow got his family back to Wisconsin where they were married in a nice, little chapel. Since she and Nicole had lived together for so long and they were so close, Nicole was her maid of honor, and the best man was Ryder's brother. Other couples were Jason and me, Kaycee and Cam, and then Michaela's older sister, Brittney, and Ryder's old high school buddy, Chase. Baby Ronnie was the ring bearer and Ryder's niece was the flower girl. She was ten, and had to carry Ronnie down the aisle.

After the wedding and dinner that was held at a ballroom close to the chapel, Jason led me outside where there were matured trees and a fountain. Surrounding the fountain were stone benches. Out of the three benches, we chose to sit on the one that was directly in front of the fountain.

"So," Jason began as he rubbed my bare back. I was wearing a halter dress with a shrug covering my shoulders. It was an extremely warm April day for Wisconsin, and nothing else was needed, luckily. "What did you think?"

I thought about the wedding and stared at the fountain absentmindedly. "It was nice, everything was. I really liked the cake," I said with a smile. It had been me who came up upon a small little bakery that could make a wicked good wedding cake.

Jason laughed, knowingly. "Yeah, it was pretty good. If we were to have a wedding, I'd want that cake."

I was about to say something idiotic about the bakery's main chef, but paused. "If?"

Jason shrugged. "At least it's not our first date, right?" He joked.

I smiled and leaned my head against his shoulder. "Ha, picking out our wedding cake on the first date."

I grabbed Jason's free hand and started playing with his fingers. "And if we got married," Jason began. "Would you want it to happen in a little chapel like this or what?"

I thought about it, even though I already knew what I wanted. "If anything, I'd like it in a nice, four, maybe even a five star hotel. So you know, open bar all night baby," I said with a grin and a wink.

Jason laughed and kissed me on the forehead.

"I love you, Audrey, you know that?" Jason asked as he stroked my back.

"I love you too," I said as I kissed him on the chin.

"Where would you want to be married?" Jason asked suddenly.

"Where ever there is a nice, big hotel." I smiled.

Jason shook his head in disappointment at my immaturity, I was sure, and kept rubbing my back.

"When would you want to be married?" Jason asked.

"October," I said quickly.

Jason nodded his head and I sat up so I could look him in the eye.

"You," I asked him.

He shrugged. "Whenever my baby would want to be married would work for me."

"You're a pushover, you know that?" I asked as I shoved him playfully with a smile on my face.

Jason laughed. "Depends who's pushing me, I guess," He shrugged.

"You know," I started. "You look pretty spiffy in that tux,"

He smiled. "Thanks, you're cute yourself."

I blushed and smiled kindly at him. "Thanks."

"Okay, two last questions," Jason said with an excited smile.

I sighed dramatically. "If I'm being interviewed, I'd like to know it."

He laughed. "No, no, okay, second last question, if you were to get married, who'd you choose as your groom?"

I pretended to ponder it, when the answer was sitting right next to me. I smiled at him. "My brother-in-law, oh, God, that just sounds wrong," I said with a chuckle.

"Really," Jason said, trying to sound surprised. "Because I'm in the same boat, I'd choose my sister-in-law."

And me, just trying to be safe, tried to think if Jason had another sibling besides Maria. Nope, so it must be me!

"Okay," Jason said, his hand that was rubbing my back now holding my hand, the same as the other one. "Last question,"

I smiled. "Do we need a drum roll or something?" I asked sarcastically.

Jason laughed nervously and turned back to me. "Okay," He repeated. I looked at him with a questioning facial expression. "So, if I figured this right, I'm your only brother-in-law, right," I nodded. "Yeah, so then that means you want to marry me, and I want to marry you,"

"Oh," I said with fake confusion. "I thought you were talking about your other sister-in-law."

Jason gave me a stern look and I smiled with a shrug. "Sorry, go on,"

"Marry me, Audrey, I mean, we both want it, at least I think you want it and,"

"I want it, and I'll accept it," I cut him off of his nervous rambling.

Jason looked at me funny before smiling, relieved. "God, I love you, and I swear I won't mess it up," Jason said as he pulled me into a hug. After a few kisses and an excited screech from me, Jason and I went back into the ballroom where, person by person, we shared the news of our engagement.

A year and a half and a day later, Jason and I were standing in a five star hotel, both of our families there, and a few family additions. At the moment, Ronnie was going on two and a half, and Michaela and Ryder had a baby of their own. But, unlike Ronnie, Baby Francesca was Chinese, and adopted by the Charleston's. Her god parents were Kaycee and Cam, who accepted the deed graciously.

Unlike the dream, or nightmare, I had about me marrying Jason before, my bridesmaid dresses were scarlet orange/red, not mint green like the dream. And, after explaining it all to the girls, I chose Maria as my matron of honor, because in the dream, I was pretty sure one of them was the maid/matron of honor. They thought it was silly, but accepted it nonetheless. When I told Jason that I had chosen Maria as my matron of honor, he was grinning from ear to ear and told me I had just made his best man choosing easier. I shook my head in disappointment at him, but kissed him anyways.

After the reception dinner, Nick came up to me and offered me his hand.

"I would like to request a dance with my newlywed sister," Nick said with a smile.

I gave him a questioning look. "How do you know what song is next? What if it's, I don't know, the Macarena or something like that?" I asked with a giggle.

"I requested a particular song," Nick said, sticking his hand out more dramatically at me. I was sitting with Kaycee, taking a breather after dancing the chicken dance wildly with her.

I shrugged and stood up, accepting Nick's request. "Let's go boogie," I smiled.

When we got on the dance floor and the song began, it was the same song that I danced with Nick to at his wedding.

My jaw dropped and I stared at him wide-eyed. "Oh my God, Nick!" I exclaimed hugging him as we danced.

He laughed. "So you do recognize it, huh?"

I laughed too. "You are the best big brother ever, do you know that?"

"You wouldn't have said that back when Jason came back, I do think I remember you yelling at me, possibly calling me the worst brother ever? I don't remember, my memory sucks," I laughed and kissed Nick on the cheek.

"So I owe it to you, huh?" I asked as we continued dancing. "Everything."

Nick seemed to think about it for a second before smiling. "Yeah, I guess so," He said with that gleam in his eye that shown when he knew he was right.

After a few exciting nights, a couple trips to the clinic and screeches of joy later, I had my first baby. Her name was Kimberly Jean Johnston. She was born on April third, about two and a half years after Jason and I were married. She had bright blonde hair that I was born with too, but like unlike me, her hair stayed blonde. She had her daddy's green eyes, but she had my nose. But with her blonde hair and green eyes, everyone thought that Maria was her mom, not me. I guess that's what I get when Jason and I asked Nick and Maria to be her god parents, and then let them take her shopping. The cool thing was, a week after I found out I was pregnant, Kaycee did too. We both swore that we didn't plan it, so instead blamed it on Jason and Cam.

"You're saying we planned this?" Cam asked with a cocked eyebrow as Kaycee and I sat on the couch in Jason and my living room, rubbing our seven month sized tummies.

"Yeah," Kaycee said simply.

I smiled and rubbed my tummy some more. "So, do you think it's a boy or a girl?" I questioned them.

"Boy," Cam said quickly.

I laughed and rubbed my belly. "Well," I began, talking to my stomach. "If you are a boy, I can guarantee that Cam won't be your god father."

Cam glared at me. "And why is that?"

"Because you stuck me with another one of him," I pointed at Jason who was sitting on the floor on the other side of the coffee table where my feet were resting. "Or another one of my brother, that would make my life a living hell,"

"Oh!" Cam exclaimed, grinning at Jason. "Burn, Jason, burn,"

Jason pretended to look hurt. "That really stings, baby, you know that?"

"Oh, go cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it," Kaycee said as she rolled her eyes.

Can you say 'mood swings'?

On April twenty-ninth, twenty-six days after I gave birth to Kimberly, Kaycee gave birth to a baby girl too. Unlike Jason and me, she and Cam decided to see what gender the baby was, so they could figure what clothing they could leave out from Ronnie, who was now in pre kindergarten at the local school. When Kaycee found out it was a girl, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Changing diapers should be easier now," She said, showing me the sonogram of her baby.

When her baby was born, she and Cam named her Ella Jo Philips. Ryder and Michaela were the god parents and Ella had light brown hair, but didn't inherit her mother's icy blue eyes. Instead, she got Cam's plain, not icy, eyes.

Nicole, who never was married, moved to New York City instead and became a fairly famous makeup artist. She wasn't super famous, she didn't do makeup for that movie star who is in every other movie, but she made more money than those with fairly above average salaries.

So, maybe my life is kind of cliché-ish, but hell, I'm happy with it.

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