Communication Failure

Communication Failure

"Activate satellite 609." Bryce Blake said into his ship computer microphone.

"Establishing satellite communication. Waiting for satellite response. Activating."

"Set up signal to earth."

"Signal to earth. Connecting. Message from earth streaming: "HELP! HELP! EARTH IS…" Signal broken."

"Playback the message."

"Error. No message was received." "What! Set up communication with earth!" "Negative. No such planet found." "What do you mean?"

"No planet called "earth" is in my data bank."


"…Switching to AUTOPILOT. Ejection seat active in 5..4..3..2..1 ejection seat activated. Airlock De-pressurized. Ejecting pilot… now."

Years later…

"Signal from earth."

"Computer state your mission status."

"Fuel: Normal. Destination: Pre-programmed. Flight mode: AUTOPILOT. Pilot: Terminated."

"Excellent. Computer, meet at Satellite 609."