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Chapter One: The Elements and My Story

We are like the four elements, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. That's why we call ourselves The Elements.

Kate is defiantly Earth. The first one to offer a smile on a Monday morning, and the first and only one to volunteer our group to do some community project. She plays the whole ditzy blonde card, but is really smart when comes to animals and can grow just about anything. When angry, she just can't stop shaking until she breaks some innocent thing, or two, or fifty. She's tall, tanned skin, brown hair, could be considered as a contestant on America's Next Top Model. She gets confused very easily and can get annoying from time to time with her fake stupidity.

Derek is Fire. And not just because he is smoking hot, but because he also loves, and I mean loves, blowing things up or catching them on fire. He is a wiz at science, but since he nearly blew up the home ed. room in the first grade with a few minor cooking supplies and house cleaning equipment, and the time in the ninth grade he built a working miniature land mine out of a mouse trap, duct tape, and parts of a computer, for a science fair project, Derek was banned from any science experiments. And duck tape. He is quick to anger and you do not want to be the person who caused that anger, if you did, then you might want to watch for flames in your near future.

John is Wind. He knows everything about computers and other technology thing-mob-bobs. The king of math. Seriously, this dude's IQ is rivaling Einstein's. He can do up to five proofs in the time it takes me to add up something as simple as two plus two. He needs an inhaler because if you ask him help on one extremely hard math problem, he starts talking a billion words per second, making it hard to understand him in the first place, then he starts to hyperventilate. The odd thing is, he doesn't look like a geek or a nerd. He looks more like a preppy jock. Plays football, basket ball, and anything that has him running around, and he never needs his inhaler for that. Weird isn't? Has blonde hair with a reddish tint to it, perfect eyesight and is my twin brother.

Patience is Water. She's the calm one in the group. She doesn't talk a whole lot, the only time she starts talking in huge paragraphs is when she sees one of us doing something really stupid, which is basically once a week for Kate, always for Derek, never for John, and me? I think she's given up on. She thinks about a lot of things, and is by far the most artistic one among us. Her blonde hair is long and fair skin is easily burned by Derek, who does it by accident whenever he gets around anything that can cause a flame. But don't let anything about her kind nature fool you, get her mad, and you have a flood of many things coming your way, and it's not always just her that's trying to kill you, it's the whole group.

I am Jack or Jackie as my mother calls me, but everyone else just calls me Jack. I'm the element between the other elements. I'm Space. "The Comic Relief" as Derek once put it as he was trying to cheer me up one day that I was feeling down. All of my brother's geeky looks seemed to fall onto me and I hate basically all subjects except History and English. I prefer to have a book in my hand instead of a ball, and hate any sport that makes me have to run. There is a reason why I don't exercise. And I tend to take up more space than the others. Now I wouldn't go around and call myself the fattest person around, but I'm not exactly the skinniest either. Ok, ok, I'm fat. Geez, happy now? I told you the truth. I don't resolve to fighting a lot, I use more sarcastic comments to fight my battles for me. I also know a lot about random useless things, like Berlin tried using cats to carry mail from one place to another but it didn't work. OH and Shakespeare invented the words "assassination" and "bump". That's interesting, right? I always thought so.

My English teacher, Ms. Ramsè, once said that everybody has a story to write. Whether is be fiction or non-fiction and blah, blah, blah. I think everyone has heard that lecture, right? Well anywho, it got me thinking. What is my story? I've been told that I have the ability to write, just not the inspiration. I've tried so hard to find my story. I wrote fiction, tried my hand on non-fiction but that ended up with my own sarcasm getting in the way. I just didn't know what to write about.

Ms. Ramsè assigned a two page paper on anything that we wanted to write about. And I couldn't think of anything to write about.

Until right now. Right now when everything in my life finally makes sense. When I finally realized how many things that I always thought that I didn't care about, my brother, step sister, step dad, Mark, grass, the smell of the air before it rains, oddly enough, the color pink. Funny, I always hated that color, and now I realize how pretty it is.

But it's too late. You see, I can't write my story down at all. I, Jackie Melanie Josen, am on my knees with a broken nose and tears escaping my eyes with a gun pointed to my face by the same kid I went out with in kindergarden.