The Crash

The Crash

Isn't it funny how change occurs?

One minute we're all well

The next everything is black

Life is so fragile like a snail shell


You said you'd be right back

Just popping to the shop

But then you had that car crash

Now you can't walk, only hop


Your limp, lifeless body

In that hospital bed

With your sister and best friend beside you

Many tears have been shed


We hope you get well soon, mate

We hope you're going to be ok

Operation after operation

Just to keep your life this way


No way for you to walk again

But maybe you'll get a fake leg

But you always wanted to be an athlete

Now the washing you can't even peg


The nerves in your bad leg

Are unable to be used

Your breathing is deteriorating

You whole body is bruised


You're fighting well

Please don't give up the fight

Who else is your sister to turn to

In the darkness of night


Your life has never been easy

Your parents are no longer alive

It's just you and your sister now

Heaven is not ready for you to arrive


Your life has many years to go

You must not give up yet

Just be brave, just a few more operations

And for the rest of your life you'll be set




Get Well Soon Phil