Pronunciation and Word Guide for "The Miracle Pool"

It has come to my attention that some of the words might be confusing to the reader. Therefore, as has been done with Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and other fantasy books, I have created this short pronunciation and word guide. Hopefully this helps those of you who were confused about certain words while reading The Miracle Pool.


-- Kale (KAYL) – name comes from 'kale', a type of wild lettuce. I wanted something that was neither too tame or too spectacular, and this was the first thing that popped into my head, so I went with it. In the world of The Miracle Pool, his name quite literally means 'Wanderer'. The Draken also have a word for 'Wanderer', but it is spelled in a slightly different way.

-- Isdrae (ISS-dray) – name comes from a corruption and Pig Latinized version of 'drizzle', very appropriate for her restless and somewhat 'stormy' behavior (Drizzle to izzle-dray, izzle-dray to izdray, izdray to Isdrae). 'ae' is a common name modifier in Draken society. Literally means 'Shining One' in Drakenspeech.

-- Rayenae (ray-EH-nay) – name comes from the word 'rain' (Rain to rayn, rayn to raynae, raynae to Rayenae). Literally means 'Rainstorm' in Drakenspeech.

-- Vengre (VEN-gray) – name comes from a corruption of 'vengeance', but more so the Spanish verb 'vengarse', which means 'to avenge' (Vengarse to vengare, vengare to Vengre). Literally means 'Avenger' in Drakenspeech.

-- Saavkael (saav-KAYL) – name incorporates Kale's name with the name of a favorite video game character of mine, Saavedro (Saavedro and Kale to Saavkale, Saavkale to Saavkael). Intended as a nod to the Myst fans in the audience. Literally means 'Changed Wanderer' in Drakenspeech (saav - change, transform; kael - wanderer).

Word Meanings

-- Cavern – The Draconians in the mountains live in large caves, some of them carved by their owners. Therefore, 'Cavern' is synonymous with 'Home'.

-- Draken (DRAK-en) – Isdrae's people. The term 'dragon' is considered mildly offensive, so this is the polite way to refer to them.

-- Draconians (dray-KO-nee-ans) – Plural of Draken.

-- Drake (DRAYK) – A male Draken.

-- Drakeness (DRAK-en-ess) – A female Draken.

-- Drakenclan (DRAK-en-klan) – A familial group of Draconians. Each Draken is born into a certain Clan, depending on their parents' Clan. There are many of these Clans; Isdrae is of the Wind Clan, which is why Rayenae calls her 'Wind Daughter'. Vengre created his own 'Clan', which has no name, out of the rebellious youths that he led in attacking the humans.

-- Drakenspeech – The old language of the Draconian people. Now used only for naming.

-- Elder – a leader in a Drakenclan, there to govern their Drakenclan and provide insight and wisdom. There are several Elders per Clan.

-- Soulfriend – Literally, 'best friend'; a close friend that is like a sibling or soul mate to you. This is a semi-honorific title, not to be taken lightly.

-- Youngling – A young Draken, equivalent to both 'child' and 'teenager'. Draconians consider their childhood and teenage years as one stage of development.