Finn Ryan was your average, ordinary twenty-one year old college guy—and he liked it that way.

His childhood had been nothing but absolutely normal for him. He'd grown up in a castle in the Irish countryside, as it had been his family home since before the medieval ages. Every night, his parents would read him a tale from the ancient, cracked pages of a leather-bound book that had been passed down from generation to generation in the Ryan family. Some say, Merlin himself had compiled it once upon a time.

Growing up, Finn dreamt fantastical dreams full of the dragons and unicorns in those stories, and he'd feel the flames shoot through his fingers to vanquish the evil villains and beasts that threatened the poor damsels in distress. His slumber was marked by the peaceful smile on his face as he dreamt these dreams.

His friends were few and far between as it was rather difficult to have friends when the nearest village was almost fifteen miles away. Instead, he and his twin sister, Bridget, would roam around the Ryan estate and play rambunctious games that would end in one or both of them wailing in pain. Their injuries never slowed them down for long, and they'd always return to battling it out and dueling with sparks of fire and ice flying through the air.

Their parents never stopped their games, as they were rather proud of their children.

Finn Ryan led an enchanted life from the time he was born to the time he turned sixteen, when his parents decided that it was time he and Bridget experienced the rest of the world. The ordinary life Finn thought he'd always led turned out to be far more than ordinary.

In fact, as he discovered during a rather tumultuous year, his life had been decidedly extraordinary.

He didn't take this realization well and quickly became estranged from his parents, who he insisted had lied to him all his life. He wanted nothing more than to be ordinary and normal—like everyone else. Instead, he was different, an oddity, and, no matter how many times his parents told him he was special and should be proud of himself, he didn't agree. Finn wanted nothing more than to be like everyone else, and he was determined to be no matter how he accomplished it.

For he was not like his peers. Finn Ryan was a witch.

AN: I know what you're all thinking...WHAT?! Another story?! And, believe me, I'm thinking it, too. For the past two months, I've had horrible writer's block, which is why chapters of A Queen's Descent, Lark Valley, etc are so late in coming. Fortunately, I finally found a storyline that seems to be keeping my attention and has helped me break past the block. Anyway, I'm finally getting to do the supernatural/magical stuff I've wanted to do for so long, so I'm pretty excited about this story! Let me know what you think please and I'll love you forever!