Broken ankles,
Broken wrists,
Broken everything,
That and this.
Broken girl
on the
Broken floor.
Broken child,
in a
Broken war.
Mocking smile,
a lying snare,
Broken one,
Who lie there,"
No reply,
No voice, no lie.
"You, broken one,
Who lay and die,
Broken one,
I can fix you.
Save you
from the fate
God's given you."
She sneers.
Bathing in her own blood,
Clutching the organ
That's meant to feel
L . O . V . E .
"Fucking liar."
She snarls and dies;
Rots away,
Broken blue flesh,
Eaten by a thousand
White doves.
And a MILLION more

A/N: On God, war and not accepting the help you need.