Craving Him.

Chapter 17.

We walked out to Logan's car, Gypsie following us behind. All I felt was betrayal, first from Logan and now Gypsie. I couldn't believe she told Logan where he could find me.

My hand was starting to lose feeling Logan was holding onto it so tight. We reached Logan's car and he opened the passenger side door, I got in and he finally let my hand go. Gypsie started making her way to her own car with only one very guilty glance at me but Logan stopped her before she could go far.

"Get in the car Gypsie"

"Oh but I have my own car here"

"Get in the car; I don't want you driving alone so late. I'll get somebody to bring your car around." Gypsie took one look at Logan's face and got in without arguing. She probably knew it was futile.

Logan started heading toward Chris's house, I guess he was going to drop Gypsie first and then take me wherever but I didn't want to be alone with him.

"Take me to my parent's house first; you can drop Gypsie off then." I told him

"You are not going anywhere but home with me." Who did he think he was? I wasn't some a dog that he could give orders to and I would follow.

"I don't want to go anywhere with you. If you don't take me to my parents then I am getting off at Chris's and making my own way there." I told him

"Or you could stay with me, I am sure Chris wouldn't mind". Gypsie said from behind. I didn't answer her I was too pissed off to take to her.

"No she is coming with me, whether she likes it or not". Before I could answer him to tell him to shut up and to stop trying to tell me what to do, we stopped outside Chris's house and Gypsie got out of the car and came to lean on my side if the window.

"I am sorry Bel, I didn't do it purposely I swear. Chris called me to find out where I was and I told him I was with you and that I was worried about you and the next thing I knew Logan was there. I wasn't thinking please say something".

"I'll see you tomorrow" I told her and turned my face. I knew I was being mean but I couldn't help myself. I felt so empty inside, I couldn't think of anything to say to Gypsie. All I felt was numbness at this point.

Gypsie moved away from the car, waved at me and went inside the house. Logan started the car and drove towards his house.

"She's telling you the truth you know; she didn't tell me anything it was Chris. I went home and you weren't there at first I wasn't worried I figured you were with Gypsie but then it got late and you still didn't come back so tried calling your cell but you weren't picking it up then I called your parents to ask if you had gone there but they said they hadn't see you. So I went over to Chris's house but you weren't there either and Chris was starting to get worried about Gypsie too so he called her and she told him where she was, she didn't know I was with him at the time".

I knew he was telling the truth about Gypsie, I would call her in the morning and apologise. My anger was long gone, I could see reason now, but it came with numbness. I was thinking clearly but in a detached way like I wasn't really there.

And it was all my own fault, I was stupid enough to think that Logan could feel something for me when he was only stuck with me, its not like he had a choice and who could blame him for making the best of the situation at least he wasn't throwing it in my face.

I realized that the car had stopped but Logan wasn't moving to get out of it, he just sat there gripping the stirring wheel so I opened the car door and got out and headed towards Logan's house, I heard another door slam and knew Logan had gotten out of the car too. I got inside the house and started heading towards my room all I wanted was to curl up in bed and not move for years. But before I reached that sanctuary, Logan's voice stopped me.

"Did you hear anything I said in the car?" he asked.


"So are you going to tell me now what the hell is going on?" he didn't raise his voice but I could fell the anger in it.

"Nothing is going on, I am going up"

"You are not going anywhere until you answer my questions and don't give me the bullshit about nothing, now start talking"

"I don't have anything to say"

"Then why don't you tell me what's happened to you, why are you acting like somebody you love died and what was that about going to a club, dancing with a guy you don't even know and to top it all of you've been drinking, care to explain all that". He took my wrist in his hand and turned me to face him, as soon as he touched me all the numbness left replaced by anger, hot boiling anger.

"Oh you want to know why I did all that and why I am like this. It's because I saw you kiss another girl. How could you do that after everything you have said to me how could you go and kiss another girl?"

"What the hell are you talking about, I haven't kissed anybody."

"At least don't lie to me Logan I saw you myself. I came by the club this afternoon and saw you with her, are you going to tell me now that I was mistaken".

"You mean you saw Taylor, what the hell…"

"Is there what her name is, why bring me here to your house if you are already with someone, isn't it gonna cramp your style when you bring you lady friend over and they see me or were you thinking of hiding me somewhere until they left".

"There is nothing to hide you are my mate I would never cheat on you, I didn't even remember kissing her doesn't that prove something to you"

"All it proves is that you have a very selective memory; you forget when you want to and remember when you want. Tell me did you forget about me when you were kissing her"

"It's not like that, let me explain"

"I don't want to hear your explanations, let me go"

"Not until you hear me out"

"I don't want to, I am done with you"

"We are not done until I say we are and you are going to hear what I have to say and then you are going to kiss me"

"Like hell I am." He let go of me wrist, took hold of my shoulders before I could move away from him, and pulled me close to his body. I could feel every part of him against me; my body was tingling all over. I couldn't believe my body was still reacting to him after everything.

"Are you going to listen now?" it's not like I could go anywhere until he let me go so I just turned my face away. He could talk all he wanted didn't mean I had to listen.


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