If the speckles of my tears
could make up for the lack of diction,
the flowing syntax,
and the rigidity of this awkward structure
then how I would have shed you a flood of 'sorry'-s,
for my inadequacy—
incapability to detail these thoughts in summation.

Let me start over.

If I could only bring forth the words
to say that my love is like no other,
Then here would be the apology,
for the constant of my stagnant flow.
I wish I could toy with words,
and write to you—
a flurry of curried thoughts.

But words fail, what these hands achieve.
(and here's the turn)

Because I still speak the same thoughts,
talk the same truths,
and position the same tragedies.

So forgive me, please!
For the lack of buildup
to an epic

I can't take away your breath, or fabricate the air.
But I can move the verse forward,
and leave you—
a jawdropping finale.

You can be inspired with this line

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