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They weren't far behind her. She franticly realized as she dragged herself up out of the swampy bayou, in which she had just carefully swam. Throwing her drenched hair out of her face, she looked back across the murky water. Yes, they were quite close now, their bodies melding in and out of the dark shadows, quickly searching every inch of the wooded area across the murky channel, searching. They were searching for her.

Soon they would realize she braved the creatures of the swampy bayou and swam for the opposite bank. It was a fact that she would brave anything for the safety of the bundle she carried in her arms.

Having caught a precious second wind, she hoisted herself up the slippery bank of the Bayou and headed towards the local town she knew would be close by.

The minder, she thought as she stumbled through the woods, I must get to the minder. I must get to safety. She continued to run, knowing that her pursuers would not long realize the path she'd taken.

Gaining precious seconds ahead of her followers, she heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the town lights. Like a lighthouse beacon to a lost at sea ship, she followed the glow until hitting a familiar path.

Almost there! Choking back her tears of relief, she continued down the well worn path soon coming to an old two story Victorian home, it's faded and chipped white paint standing out amongst its dark surroundings. Its small porch light illuminated the front yard, and sent a feeling of safety to the fleeing soul and her precious cargo. Running cross the yard, least her pursuers catch up, she mounted the rickety steps. Looking both left and right, she quickly knocked. Two slow knocks followed by three quick ones, a code to let the minder know who was at the door so late at night.

Minutes began to tick by and the doubt of anyone being home sent shivers down her spine. Please! Please! Help me! She franticly thought giving it a mental push, knowing by doing so would alert the shadows following close behind.

The door was soon flung open and she was thrust into the house by a dark withered hand, as the door slammed behind her.

Hearing the bolts slide into place, she whirled around to see just who opened the door.

"Oh, thank God!" she softly gasped as she took in the dark withered face of the middle-aged man. His bald head gleamed in what little moon light eliminated the room. It was to dark to see the color of his eyes but they were kind. He was much shorter than herself but with a true farmer's build, wide capable shoulders that tapered down to well worked legs.

"Why have you knocked on a minder's door so late in the night, child?" the man drawled softly, as he took in her appearance.

She knew how she must look, hair tangled and drenched, her clothes ripped and muddy, red scratches and laceration on all her exposed skin. She didn't care; she was at the minders house. She had made it. Her precious cargo would be safe.

"Well?" the man prompted causing her to realize she had yet to answer.

Walking towards him, she carefully began to unwrap the blankets from around her special cargo, until she at last revealed a sleeping infant.

The man's eyes widened as he realized the child was a girl with silver blonde hair. The child blinked up at them with wide violet eyes that literally glowed in the dark room set in a cherub face that held an unnatural iridescent complexion.

Touching the child's lock of hair, he shakily laughed. The man instantly knew what this child was. Her strange coloring gave it away to anyone who was taught the secrets of the supernatural.

"From your line or the father's?" he whispered as he eyed the infant with amazement in his eyes. Never before had he seen one such a she. Most familiar to the supernatural world thought creatures such as her a myth.

Inhaling softly, she removed a fine silver amulet from around her neck "Mine.", she answered as she handed the piece to the man.

Staring intently at the piece, the man couldn't believe his eyes. "Kilin." He breathed disbelievingly. The amulet was formed into the shape of a medieval shield with a silver coat of arms held up by two silver white unicorns with glowing violet gems as eyes. It was a costly piece of jewelry and marked the one who wears it from the house of Kilin. Quickly looking at the woman, he tried to make out the physical traits that should mark her of such heritage. The woman herself was beautiful, with curling reddish blonde hair that hung past her shoulders and framed a heart shape face with high sculpted cheekbones and a peaches and cream complexion. Her eyes were exotically tilted with darkly lashed violet eyes, similar to her infant's but without that unnatural glow. The elderly man knew that although the child would posses different coloring, she was sure to look like her mother feature and build wise.

Noticing his scrutiny she shook her head, "I am of the house, but I am not one such as she." the woman explained as she looked to the child. "One like her comes every few generations, were as the rest of us are born mortal, some will not. It is said to balance our nature" she explained.

"And the father?" the man asked as he stepped away from the silent babe.

"Of the Clan," was her shocking reply. "He believes I have betrayed his brethren. One of tainted mind twisted the actual facts concerning my family line and I was thrust from the clan without a chance to neither clarify nor tell him of the babe. So, I have be running and hiding for almost ten months, alas I am spent and can do it no more." She explained quickly, knowing her time was running out.

Soon, she must go.

The shadows hunting them would soon be upon her once more.

The man nodded, knowing how betrayal and lies affect evening the truest person in the supernatural world. Still, he felt anger for the young woman who was released into the danger of the night without a chance of survival. It was remarkable that she wasn't caught by those pursuing her long before now.

"I will be this child's minder." He said gruffly, tears filling his eyes. He knew what was to become of the young mother and already he grieved for the beautiful soul that would depart, separated from her infant. He would look after the child, caring for it as any loving parent would and protect it from those who would use or harm her. Once the child started to show its genetic powers, then he will train her and gift her with the knowledge all minders hold for their charges.

Gathering his emotions he looked into the woman's grave eyes, "Tell me all I must know about the father."

...Chapter One...

Dodge and duck! Celeste commanded of her body as she avoided being pounded by the meaty fist aimed at her face. Narrowly avoiding a possible broken nose, Celeste dropped to her hunches to avoid a kick to her head, and sweeping out her left foot, deftly dropped old D.J. Benoit onto his elderly rear.

Blue eyes dancing with suppressed mirth, Celeste smiled as his French curses filled the back yard of their bayou home, and slowly rising to her feet she offered the man who raised her as his own an hands up.

D.J. being the stubborn coot that he was refused and glared balefully as he rose and dusted himself off "You getting good, child. I didn't even see you swipe those long legs of yours. Your speed is picking up." He grunted at his younger charge as he returned to his fighting stance.

Celeste in turn rolled her eyes at the elderly man, knowing he wouldn't call their sparring quits till the sunset, he slugged her, or hell froze over.

"Really, Pops lets call it a day! It's Mardi Gras and there's a night parade going right down main street tonight!" she whined in her little girl voice, hoping to end her training early for the day. For good measure, she pleaded with her slanted blue eyes while twirling a finger in her jet black hair. She oozed a picture of sweet girly cuteness.

D.J. in turn just lifted an eyebrow at his grown charge, knowing she was two old for such a stratagem.

"Drop me in three seconds and we can go to-"before he could finish forming his challenge to the girl. Celeste had him by the arm, and jutting her leg out, twisted him in such a way that he once more landed on his rear end.

"-To the parade." He finished lamely as dust rose up from around his sprawled body.

Celeste smiled smugly at him and dashed towards the two story Victorian home.

"Don't take all night! Dammit, I want to be there before the parade ends!" D.J. yelled as he fondly watch the girl jump the rickety steps and bound into the house.

"God, I'm getting old." He commented as he picked himself up from the dusty ground once more and too headed to the house.

Once cleaned and dressed, the two made their way to D.J.'s older than dirt truck.

Celeste smiled as she jerked on the door of the old chevy truck.

"Really, you should think about investing in a truck with safety features, pops." She said as they both climbed in.

D.J. grunted as he heaved himself into his seat and the clutch started his truck.

"Nothing wrong with this one runs longer then them new ones everyone buys."

He commented as he shifted the standard, gears grinding loudly as he did so.

Celeste laughed. "Sure it runs better, we're only a few more miles to having to put our feet through the rusted wholes on the floor board and Flintstone our way around."

D.J. turned to Celeste with a glare.

"Well make damn sure you're wearing good shoes then, because I ain't getting rid of my chevy."

Celeste laughed and sat back to enjoy the short ride to town. As they rode, she looked out at the passing bayou, which always looked so serene. The setting sun was just now disappearing into the horizon and shadows began to dance amongst the cypress trees littering the water.

She was already thinking of the many floats to drive down Main Street bedecked in purple, green, and gold, the great zydeco music that would float over the streets making everyone tap their feet, and most importantly the delicious food! Already her mouth watered at the thought.

Suddenly, chills went down her spine causing goose bumps to rise up on the skin of her arms. Sitting up straighter and staring intently into the darkening woods, she thought to herself, Someone's watching me.

Celeste was use to feeling watch but usually it was by some warm and protective force, Celeste liked to think that it was her mother.

She began to shiver as she continued to feel watched, almost stalked. It was a malicious and calculating gaze from somewhere in the growing darkness and try as she might she could not pin point the location of the person or thing staring in her direction.

Looking towards pops, she noted his drawn sun weathered face. His eyes were a deep Cajun brown and she could see the fatigue in them. He had aged over the years, as often Louisiana men do. The hassle of protecting her and training her also taxed his few good years left. Age was taking hold of him and leaving a frail body that could easily be harmed or destroyed.

I cannot tell him, it would only worry him more. Perhaps it is only a hungry animal roaming the woods. It would be childish to drag up non existent worries.

Having calmed herself from her instinctual fears, Celeste dismissed the feeling of being hunted. It was most likely a wild animal.

Soon the old chevy entered the small town and made it's way to the grocery store parking lot. It being such a small town, everyone just parked where an available spot was and at time like this many fights broke out over the few choice parking spots.

Luck was with them as they pulled into the lot and notice an old biddy backing her equally old Cadillac out of the up front parking lot. D.J. swerved into the spot before any other circling vulture could blink. Laughing, Celeste hopped out of the rusted heap as she listened to a few curses flow from the passing cars.

Pops flipped a blue Toyota truck that past honking it's horn loudly.

"Your just jealous, you no driving pansey!" he hollered at the fleeing vehicle while shaking a fisted hand. No one riled D.J. Benoit. Everyone knew it too, for he was a mean old Cajun when riled.

"Come on Major Bad Ass, we're going to miss the parade!" Celeste urged before the Toyota driver decided to come back for a little Cajun brawl. It was known to happen during Mardi gras festivities.

Catching his arm, Celeste dragged the still riled elder towards the crowded streets with laughing eyes.

"He should be shot for being caught driving that tonka toy anyway!"

Staring at her picture always made him gloomy, yet he gazed adoringly at her likeness anyway. Before him was a portrait of a hauntingly beautiful woman with curly red blonde hair and laughing violet eyes. Mallory Kinlin Valdimir read the small plaque on it's beautiful frame.

Mallory was perhaps the closest thing to a sister he had ever known. Always sweet, kind and had given them such hope with her outlandish stories of a mystical bloodline able to save their tarnished souls. God, she had made them all hope! Even her husband, Aiden, who was always so stern while leading their people had, began to believe and trust.

Mallory never explained how she knew so much about these mysterious Kinlins she often spoke of but it was common knowledge that she often knew things others didn't. So she easily led their clan to believe her inspiring tales.

Besides no matter how unbelievable her tales were, wasn't the fact that they themselves lived, proof enough that unexplainable races existed?

There was a whole other world that normal humans never realized existed. In the dreams of mortals was the only place their kind existed. Perhaps so that they felt safer, still on top of the food chain so to speak.

No one had known exactly from where she came. He only remembered the day she came and the happiness that followed. He had loved Mallory in his own strange way, even though they were not paired to be.

Pairs to them were soul mates. Meant to be with each other, the body knows it though sometimes the mind does not.

Aiden was her destined one and together they would have brought mighty warriors to the clan. She, herself was powerful, though no one knew from where her heritage came; as was Aiden, who was the leader of their clan for centuries and one of the oldest members of their brethren.

His heart squeezed at the thought of the children Mallory would have had, all boys of course, no one of clan ever produced girls. It was, in his opinion a drawback that no girls were born from their loin to help strengthen their dwindling race. Alas, it wasn't so and he guessed it really didn't matter since their people still found pairs amongst mortals and other races alike.

Still, because of the viper lies of a tainted brother, sweet innocent Mallory was cast from their home and into the dangerous elements with no help from her beloved Pair, never to given the chance to produce those magnificent fighters for the Vladimir clan and with her banishment came the end to Aiden's line for good. It was common knowledge after all that once a member found their pair there was never another. Perhaps that was the reason for the lies and the resulting exile from the clan.

Once proof of her supposed treachery was given she was instantly disowned by one and all of their brethren. Aiden as their leader had to banish her, for to not do so with his own traitorous pair would have shattered the clan. It was how their laws worked.

For a male member to betray meant certain death, but for a female member, a gentler soul, to betray them meant banishment, and sadly there were members who spoke against her to aid in her exile from the house.

It was only many years later that Aiden discovered the truth of her supposed betrayal during an attempt on his life. Once realizing the lies spoken against his sweet mate, Aiden instantly put up a search for his spouse, Mallory.

Hoping against hope that she was somehow out there and alive. He, himself, too prayed for her return. After all, he loved her too.

It has been almost twenty years since her banishment and no trace has ever been found of Mallory Kinlin Vladimir. Aiden, drained, eventually stepped down from leading the clan and titled him as the new leader. It was a huge responsibility but one he knew he could handle well. Yet, leader or not, he never stopped the search for Mallory. She held a special place in his heart and he wanted his mentor Aiden to be complete and strengthen their numbers. Eventually someone would, no had, to find something, no one can disappear from the earth.

"Damien" a firm voice called him out of his inner musings and turning his head Damien faces his first in command, a behemoth of a man, tall as a mountain and built like a body builder.

Jared Valdimir was a steady person with his patience never ending and vast amount of knowledge thus earning his position as Damien's right hand man.

Looking closely to Jared, Damien noticed his feral green eyes, nearly always hidden by the Vladimir trademark black hair, for once was strangely excited. Curious,

Damien nodded towards him to let him know he had his attention.

"We might have found her."





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