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His breath was warm and sweet. Celeste realized suddenly while looking up into his tawny gaze and noticed for the first time that he had tiny black flex within his iris.

How had she missed that little detail? They were quite dazzling to her eyes.

"I will only say this once, Celeste, so hear me well." He murmured lowly as his fleck gaze moved over her own features like a caress.

"O-okay." Celeste stuttered out, thinking perhaps this was the moment were he would lay all his secrets bare.

Her heart jumped straight into her throat with excitement, only to plummet in the depth of her stomach when he said, "You are my pair."

Disappointment was like a blunt knife into her over worked heart.

"That's it?" she asked hoping to prompt more from the man.

That was fucking it?! He better come up with something better than that!

Black brows flew up into his hairline as his teeth made a sparkly appearance from behind his wide smile.

"That is all you need ever hear."

Ignoring the slight echo of his words, Celeste tried to push away from Damien's unyielding arms.

"How profound." Was her half minded reply though she really wanted to lay into him.

It brought out a slight chuckled from deep with Damien's chest and Celeste forgot her momentary disappointment as she watched his wonderful looks form into something even better.

"You look like an angel when you smile." Celeste sighed even knowing as she did so that he would still hear her.

Again, his teeth flashed from behind his well formed lips as his dark head lowered towards her silver one.

He is going to kiss me. Her heart climbed out from the ravine of her stomach and instantly retook its position in her throat.

Closer and closer his head came until just the barest of brushes were made between their petal soft lips.

So Close. Celeste thought and started up on her tiptoes to bring closer contact.


The door brought on noise like thunder as well as a five foot space between the two almost kissing occupants.

Celeste blinked the confusion from her eyes as she discovered Damien's arms no longer engulfing her.

Shaking her head to get her wits back, she focused to the direction of the door and to the unlucky person who interrupted such an important….conversation.

I'll kill them. I'll gut them like a pig and roasted them over an open flame! She inwardly raged.

The amethyst jewels were narrowed down to dangerous slits, allowing only the barest of color trough.

If her eyes could kill then poor Luther would be dead right were he stood.

His gloating expression and bad fashion sense would be obliterated if only her look could kill.

"What is it, Luther?" Damien asked wearily as he covered his eyes in a frustrated manor.

"I heard Celeste was up and about." He shrugged nonchalantly before turning his copper eyes to Celeste.

And he wanted to come annoy me to death or what?

She could tell those eyes were gleeful.

He knew he interrupted something big and he was happy with it.

Smug Bastard, she though angrily while curling her lip slightly in his direction.

"As you can see, she's up." Damien motioned to me before resuming his position in the chair….away from Celeste.

Luther's face broke into an evil grin as Damien began reading his book for all intents no longer aware of his surroundings.

Lifting her eyes in a small bid for patience, Celeste took in a deep breath and waited to see what Luther was there for.

"What was it like being an ass?" he asked with his sharp fangs peeking from behind his grin and completely taking Celeste by surprise.

An ass?

"Huh?" she asked confused and worried that perhaps Luther was a bit retarded.

His eyes twinkled with mischief and then dawning came like a light bulb being switched on.

She fought between laughter and anger. The kid was funny but he was also a annoying little shit.

Celeste's teethe were clenched to hold back both emotions. "I was a HORSE, not an ass."

Shrugging as if the difference wasn't really that big, "How was it?" he asked again.

"Somewhat nice and a bit bizarre. It was hard at first to figure out how to walk."

Her honesty must have shocked him for his bronze eyes widened drastically.

He must have been expecting some sort of sarcastic remark.

"You fell?" he asked with a slight snicker, most likely hoping it was true.

Celeste shook her head with a slight smile, "I stumbled a lot but never fell."

Luther's hopeful looked faded at that.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he shot her a strange look before exiting quickly, without so much as another comment, questions, or even evil look.

"That was odd." Celeste mumbled while wondering about the strange boy.

Damien's slight chuckle filled the room. "He doesn't know what his next move should be."

"What?" mouth hanging open, Celeste didn't understand.

His eyes, the golden orbs, danced with his laughter. "Ever since you returned he's refused to take a bath in his suite."

It took Celeste a second or two to remember her own little prank in retaliation of his.

Her face, turning the color of a tomato, she had forgotten about putting those mud bugs in the kids bathroom.

Laughing nervously and wondering if Damien would yell at her for pulling such a trick, Celeste suddenly remembered another forgotten thing about the youth.

Anyone watching the evil green that spread across her face would have known she was up to something.

"Damien……" Celeste called out in a sugary sweet tone.

As if he was aware of her voice being too nice, Damien glanced warily at Celeste.

"Yes?" he asked with a lifted brow.

"When do I get to bring Luther shopping?"

It was just turning dark outside, when Damien was finally able to gather the uncooperative Jared and a few others for the shopping excursion.

"She'll buy me the ugliest clothing available!" Luther almost wailed which was a bit of a surprise to Celeste.

Was Luther acting his age?! Surely the world would come to an end!

"She would do no such thing." Damien's voice was calm though it did hold a slight tenor that sounded a lot like doubt.

Luther must have heard it too, for he started to struggle against the hold Damien had on his upper arm.

"I don't want to go!!!!" He yelled loudly as he thrashed around.

Damien held firm as he lead the way to a rather large SUV parked in the front of the mansion.

Girlish giggling caused the boy to stop his struggles.

"What do you think is so funny?!" He snarled out at the smiling Stephanie.

Sharing a look with Damien, Celeste knew a fight would more than likely insure.

Stephanie didn't know how to keep her mouth closed.

"How long will Jared be on punishment?" Celeste wondered to Damien, knowing it would draw Stephanie's attention too.

For a second, Damien's lips firmed into a thin line before he gave Celeste an aspirated look.

He hadn't wanted her to ask that question.

"Well?" She prompted, fully prepared to harass him the whole ride if need be.

Another glaring look with those beautiful golden eyes and followed with a deep heartfelt sigh.

"He's been stripped of his rank in the clan but shall be allowed to remain." Damien's voice was shaky.

Was he mad about the topic?

Personally, I was still a bit peeved at him for the drama he caused me yet on the same page, I could understand.

Another deep sigh, "I can't describe the worry I felt when I discovered that bastard gave you straight into the enemies hands!" he growled angrily as his hand clenched the steering wheel.

Celeste was worried he might cause them to crash.

"He was trying to save Stephanie, so you can't blame him completely." I whispered lowly as the SUV started forward.

I almost jumped out of my skin as those blazing eyes of his swung onto my form.

The emotion in them was simply indescribable and I was stuck between fear and pleasure.

His voice was terse as he spoke swiftly. "That is the only reason I didn't kill him."

Swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, I changed topics by turning towards the back seat where a sullen Luther sat with arms folded mulishly around his thin frame.

I couldn't old back the grimace as I took in his puke green oxford shirt and khakis. This kid had no style!

Luther must have known I was thinking about his wardrobe for he glared hatefully at me.

Undaunted, I laughed insanely at him.

"Don't worry kid-o, we'll fix that dorky look in no time." I told him almost childishly.

Picking on him was such fun, especially at the price of his unhappiness.

Inwardly, I was gleeful as his little face turned red in anger and his hands clenched closed.

I was sure he would like to cause physical harm to me but wouldn't.

A brat he was but a monster he was not.

This whole shopping trip would be a nice little outing and give me a chance to decide how much I should tell Damien about me being a KamiTenshi.

"I hate you." Luther's young voice rang out and pushed my thoughts aside.

Laughing at the petulant tone, I leaned forward and ruffled his hair.

Paying no heed to his bared teeth, "That's because of the stick in your ass."

Another laugh passed as his bronze iris widened in shock.

He must not be use to being talked to that way.

Seeing Damien shooting glanced in my direction, I shrugged as I ordered,

"Keep you're eyes on the road, vamp. You and little bat boy with the Mr. Roger's style would live through a wreck but I wouldn't." ……I think.

Celeste really didn't know. Would being an Angel allow for her to be in a wreck and walk away? She really didn't care to find out.

Luther gave an evil chuckled from his place in the backseat.

Obviously, he relished the thought of being in a wreck.

Bloodthirsty Little Savage!

Celeste instantly wondered if there was some magical power that came with being a KamiTenshi that would transfer the child into the perfect youth.

"Ahh! Deaf, Dumb, and Mute!" she breathed aloud without truly meaning too.

Headless of the two set of eyes wearily watching her, she smiled insanely at the idea.

If such a possibility was possible then surely...that power would be in her ability!

"Damien...." Luther's voice, filled with a obvious fake tone, busted Celeste's little bubble."She's scaring me with that smile."

Celeste, affronted by this, snapped her head back in outrage.

"Me too." Damien's ditto, caused her to hiss in disbelief.

If only she had the power, then she would strike BOTH of them deaf, dumb, and mute!


The figure watched in growing fury as it followed the vehicle along the highway. It's body flying feet above the unsuspecting passengers, was hidden by the dark clouds within the night sky.

It wasn't worried that the vampires with the human would realize their peril. It was one of the oldest demons from Hell, sent to recover the KamiTenshi that was lost by Ryder.

It hissed angrily at the thought of its fellow demon's death but at the same time it was vastly pleased with the outcome. Now they knew for certain they had the right girl.

The all powerful KamiTenshi.

They didn't yet know which one she was, that information never did reach their ranks. Ryder was obliterated before he could relay such vital information and that outright pissed him off.

Anger, that the mortal had slipped the clutches of one of their own, filled its breast as he glared hatefully through the darkest of black eyes.

Though their query had managed to escape, along with two other key prisoners, the angel was far from safe.

Surely, she had just become aware of her powers and as yet, never reached her full potential.

She was still ripe for the plucking and until the moment she realized her powers, they would continue to with their attempts for her capture.

If for any reason they didn't succeed, then they would annihilate her.

"Soon." It's voice was raspy as it floated along the clouds, an ominous sound that caused the surrounding nightlife to freeze in fear.

Soon they would try again. And this time they wouldn't fail.

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