Dear Father,

Dear Father

Dear Father,

Thank you for everything you've done in my life

Thank you for allowing me to be born

Thank you for sending that money every month

Thank you but it's your fault my heart is torn

Now I survive on barely anything

My life is full of suffering and pain

Do you really think your £6 a week

Will help with all this strain?

Not enough money to buy new clothes

I work instead of going out with my friends

For my mum to steal all my money to pay the rent

At times I wish my life would end

So thank you for letting me be born, father

Thank you for giving me such a poor life

Thank you for abandoning me

And divorcing my mother, your wife

Thank you for letting me suffer, father

Thank you for not wanting me around

Thank you for hating me so much you couldn't look at me

Thank you but I'm standing my ground

I don't want you in my life

I don't want you anywhere near me

If you didn't want me then, father

You're the one man I don't want to see

You've made my life a living nightmare

It's your fault I have to live

If you'd let my mother get rid of me like she wanted

Your £6 you wouldn't have to give

So stuff your £6, father

I don't want your help any more

You've messed my life up enough already

It's your fault I'm so poor

My life would be better if it was nonexistent

I'm sure you would agree

So leave me alone and stop hurting my mother

You're the cause of all the pain and grief you see

So thank you for everything, father

Thank you for all you've done

It's your fault I've had such a poor quality of life

If it was my choice, from this life I would run

As now I can't get a good education

I can't live a good childhood

I can't do what I want to do

I can't even have a good meal with good food

So thank you for everything, father

Thank you for all you have given me

I hope you enjoy your retirement and holiday homes

But I don't want to be part of this atrocity

You're just a money loving monster now

You never truly cared about my life

You only cared about my brothers and sisters

It's not just my life you ruined but the life of your ex-wife

You put her through hardship

You beat her and treated her badly

But go and enjoy your retirement, father

I'll just put up with being lonely