August 24, 2003

A New Home

I stopped and looked at what was to be my home. The mountains had crystal green sides with streams and waterfalls dancing down brown, towering canyons. There was still snow on the very tallest of the mountains which glimmered and sparkled as if there were millions of fairies dancing in the sunlight. The valley itself was a wave of green pastures with my master's home overlooking the small village at its feet. "It is a pretty sight, lass, is it not?" said a voice close by my side.

"Yes sir, it is. I will not mind being a servant in such a place as this."

Author's Note: Hmmm, I don't think this is very politically correct… a captured or bought servant or slave accepting her fate because of the beauty of her place of slavery? Maybe she is a docile or quiet girl who accepts the fate that befalls her, I don't know. Though now I think that a slave's happiness (if such a thing could be) would depend almost completely on how she is treated by her master, and not on her surroundings, I like how this piece of writing is descriptive. I especially like the imagery of the snow sparkling from dancing fairies.