August 25, 2005

Swift Flight

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, faster and faster I went. Over a log, pass the old maple, jumping around rocks I flew up the goat path. I would not, could not betray my lord. I would not tell those evil men anything about him, but they would make me. They would wrench my fingernails out, torture me, do anything to know where Lord Bertram was. But they will have to catch me first, I thought to myself, and this they would not do if I had my way. The thought gave more energy to my legs and I just about flew up the path. Then the rain started. It pelted my body and made the path (which was by now a trail) dangerous, but thank God, it also hid me from my pursuers and forced them to slow down their speed. I had finally reached the decent when I stopped in surprise and horror. The Little Ginger Stream was no longer little, it was a raging torrent. There was no way to cross and I could hear my enemies coming, swiftly, in the fast approaching darkness.

Author's Note: Dun, dun, DUNN… This always gave me little chills, wondering what the speaker would do. Would he swim? Could he swim? Was there something he could hide behind? Would he make it? Would the bad guys catch him? Of course, I suppose everything turned out all right in the end, or at least he lived through it all, since he is speaking in past tense, but still… As to the qualities of my writing, maybe you could tell I was rushing when I wrote this, I could scarcely get down the words fast enough! So, though it has a lot of action, I think my writing suffered. I certainly used "flew" too many times. However, over all, I liked it well enough to put it up here.