You see through this life I'm living

You see through this life I'm living

It takes you five minutes

To tear apart everything I've ever known

The destruction leaves me feeling calm, peaceful

There's nothing but you and

You're so real.

Reel me in.

Let's watch the sun,

Then the moon

Has time passed?

That's okay.

It's okay to forget.

It's okay to regret.


Teach me.

Open my mind

Make me think

What does it all mean

Tell me

Wake me up

Get me moving

Your energy is infectious

You've got me running

Through the ruins that once were my life


Let's laugh together.

We won't remember this in the morning anyway.

One more beautiful, burnt up night

But at least we lived it, right?

I'm not sure of anything

But doubt is exciting when I'm with you

It's possibility, it's opportunity.

We can be anybody, we can do anything

Who knows what's real?

Who cares?

We can make it up as we go along.

Let's go.