The Demon Lovers

"And where my love have you been all this time?
You've been gone for seven long years,
And I did not think that you'd return
It cost me a month of tears."

"Well I hath returned to honour my vows
So you don't have to cry.
I have my boat moored on the beach
And the tide it's high."

And she looked at him with sad, sad eyes
That would have passed for strife,
Saying with all regret she could,
"I'm sorry, but I am a wife."

"Well I might have married a king's daughter and
This is how you treat me?
You're just a rotten miserable slut
I don't know why I came back for thee."

And as he turned away to leave
She cried out for him.
"Before you leave! tell me of this boat
That you would take me in."

"Oh! A grander vessel you have not seen,
It is laced with gold,
But if you wish to travel with me
Take this knife, make your husband cold."

So she took the knife into the room
Where her husband was still in bed,
She cut the throat of that sleeping fool
Until he was fully bled.

So, smiling with lust and covered in blood
She stepped on the golden boat,
But as soon as it had sailed to sea
A wail came forth from her throat.

"Oh what are those hills yonder my love?
With beauty and pure white snow"
"Those are the hills of heaven my love
And of them you will never know."

Oh and what are those hills yonder my love?
With their earth all scorched in flame,"
"Those are the hills of hellfire my love,
Where you shall be wed again".

And upon the boat the deck did crack
And the ship it split into three,
Sending the howling betrayer of love
Into the depths of the sea.