Message In a Rocket From Space Station 8

Can you hear me at all? can you hear me calling?
Come back to me Houston, I think my sky is falling
Don't you know the stars are too bright, you need to cut the glare
All these feelings are real, but I know you don't care

Houston, I'd like to report that it's much too cold
The Robot says it's fine, but his sensors are old
Actually, the thermo-unit is working, it's just cold in my soul
No more dehydrated food, I am requesting a fruit bowl

The horizon was purple today, or is it just my eyes?
The man in red came by, selling his lies
The nova flamed out, the Robot heard it scream
Space sector 9 was destroyed, taking all of my dreams
The Robot needs new parts and probably some oil
Here are the samples you ordered of rocks and soil

I think tomorrow I will zap the man in red
All alone here, it's easy to play with my head
I think I'll resign then, and go with the Man in White
I'll lock all the doors and turn out the light
Don't worry about the Robot, he's getting so old
He'll be alright here, now he can enjoy the cold