The Wanderer

You came to my turmoil, calming the seas in your wake
Sails left dead you filled with winds that never break
Set my spinning compass to a course straight on
Guiding my ship, a willing pawn

Then the sun fell from a burning day
In its path you slipped away
Leaving me alone in the blanket of night
Secure in my course, but crying for your light

You crazy Wanderer, why did you have to save me
It's better not to have known you in my silent sea
All right, I admit it was worth my while
And I will never forget the touch of your smile

Thus I stand in a darkened port, having found my way home
The waves mark the rhythm of this silken poem
I seek only to find a simple sign
That you chose a path to follow mine
If you choose not to come my way, I promise I will not weep
Just pray, someday you find a port to lay your soul to sleep

(age 18)