To the Girls Who Bring Me Down

Every day I'm all alone
All you do is talk on the phone
Go to your parties, stupid school games
One by one, you're all the same

You talk about me behind my back
Spread rumors- but you don't know fact
Whisper and stare where ever I go
Wouldn't have a thing to talk about- if I didn't show

But the nights are wild and the nights are free
All your precious boyfriends come to me
We get down, get high, get all around
When you see me with them, you don't make a sound

Someday I'll be famous, up on the stage
You'll be down there, hot with rage
I'll have parties, crazy and wild
Guys will be foxy-rich, not shy and mild
I won't say a word now, go on with the stories you tell
But when I'm on top, you can go to hell

(age 15, yes, high school was becoming a bit of a struggle—not fitting in at all with all the moving around)