The Rainbow's End

I cried into my room that my life had come to naught
All the dreams of my youth I had vainly sought
Nothing was gained and I never did find the Rainbow's end
My fingers will not bend
My hair is gray, my dress is gray, I see gray
No one understands a word I say

I knew the room was dark, I kept the windows closed
(you know how I'm so cold to my bones
and I hate how the wind howls and moans)
I knew I wasn't dreaming, I knew I hadn't dozed
When suddenly a Lamb appeared as the walls grew very bright
No one would believe me if I told them of this sight

Harmony filled the air and I began to cry
It couldn't be my Time, I wasn't ready to die
It looked at me and knew my distress
I wasn't aware that it had to guess

I cried; "I never knew a blue sky, though they tell me it's there
I know that life isn't suppose to be fair
But I never did find the Rainbow's End..."
It took my hand and my fingers began to bend

We stepped into a forest, from my room into the trees
The air was warm with a honeysuckle breeze
We walked and walked, it was so easy to get through
My heart felt light and my legs felt new
I looked at the Lamb and thought I knew it before
(you know, a flash from my youth
but then, I couldn't say for truth)
The memory would not come and I thought of it no more

For I saw a Rainbow stretched across the sky
"We are Here, but it is not your time to die.
I want show you the Rainbow's End," the Lamb said
I did not see it speak, but I heard it in my head

We came to a Savings and Loan full of gold
The wealth shown every where, so brassy and bold
But the Rainbow wasn't here, it was still high above
So we searched and found the House of Love
All the men and women would give my fancy all
Still, the Rainbow did not fall

Next we came to the Land of Goodwill
They ran about like ants in a hill
But their hearts were black and charity wasn't known
There was no Rainbow, just a falsely painted stone

I gave up hope, there was no where else to look
Then in a clearing, the Lamb opened a Book
Suddenly the Rainbow fell to the ground
The colors sang, running all around
It all came together from that single source
Again I started to cry, though I felt no remorse

The joy and beauty was more then I could stand
I saw the Lamb for Who He was and He gave me back my hand
I touched the Rainbow where the colors fell apart
I knew the place well; it was the center of my own heart

(I was imagining myself as an old lady who still didn't get what life was all about...)