Just thinking about something… Devon… and a memory that rarely surfaces.


for some reason,
I'm remembering the last time we fought
and the morning after
when he e-mailed me
& told me that you can apparently cry a little in your sleep
the way he said it had been so skeptical
like there was absolutely no possibility
it could be true.
but it is.
I still remember the day I woke up
with fresh tears on my face
wondering what I had dreamed about
to make me cry.
what almost worries me, though,
is that he remembered his dream.
I'm struggling to pull together the "correct" words
to truly say
what I'm thinking about.
he cried
over me
when he envisioned
the end of us.
I'm going insane in this house.
I need to hug him
& make sure he knows
& everything
will be okay.