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I breathed out a light sigh: tired from the long day. Work had brought me long hours, piles of paperwork that everyday seemed to stack up amongst my desk, and travel time had been a living nightmare. It was so nice to have this weekend off. TGIF, as they say. Now I could relax, and spend some time with my family for some well-needed "r and r."

Don't get me wrong, I loved my job. I wouldn't change my career for the world. It just got tiring by the time Friday rolled around. I was ready for the weekend; and I intended to spend it either chilling out by the lake; or hanging out with the "crew," and having a good time.

No doubt my group of friends; or rather, my family, would wind up doing something to make me laugh. They had that trait about them. And trust me, after a long week of traveling, and helping lost souls find where they belong: I'd appreciate every minute of it.

I reached over to the switch on the wall, and turned on the lamp that sat nearest to the bed; seeing a dim, golden light radiate from the nightstand.

'Hmm. Looks like I'll have to get another bulb for it soon. I'll do that tomorrow.'

In my head, I made a mental note to do just that when I made my normal grocery store run. But, none of that mattered right now. I just wanted to lie back, and pass out. It wasn't very late; but, I had a fluffy pillow screaming my name: and I was intending on answering its call.

I set my scythe against the wall; my second being placed not far from it. Yeah, my job wasn't like those in the mortal world; it was completely different.

I wasn't a Grim Reaper; but, my line of duty required me to carry two scythes by my side: one being black; and one being white. I had been taught by my boss that it was always good to be prepared for anything; and any entity. One never knew just what they were getting into when dealing with, or battling against a "ding dong."

So little did I know when I was trained: she'd have hit the nail on the head hard enough to make that nail turn into a twisted mass of metal.

Slipping into some nightclothes; I set my uniform upon it's hanger, and stuck it in the closet. I wouldn't need it again until Monday, anyway. Setting my boots by the far right corner; I made my way to the bed, and laid down.

There. Now I felt better.

I was about to turn on the stereo for some relaxing tunes, when a shadow came to greet me at the door: a voice speaking from the eerie silence of the room.

"H-Hey…Dad?" it softly called out, as if it didn't want to wake me, just in case I was already asleep.

I looked up; seeing the form of my daughter standing at the door; looking like she had been through a torture chamber of thinking.

Raising my form to meet her eyes; I smiled softly, "Hey, girl," I greeted; brushing a lock of blue waves from my shoulders.

My daughter smiled weakly in return, "Hey. I-I hope I didn't wake you."

She paused; looking sad for a moment, trying to hide it behind her walls.

She was famous for that one: keeping everything inside, until it eventually snowballed out in a blizzard of emotions.

I had always told her not to keep it all inside; but, she was the type who was scared of opening up to many; never mind sharing her feelings. Not that I blamed her, really. She had been hurt by many along the way: one being apart of the 'ding dong clan.'

Still, apart of me had wished she was more comfortable sharing with more than myself, and my brother. But, in another sense: we were glad she could trust us enough to do so with us. It had touched me inside; and I planned on keeping the bond we shared alive.

I patted to beside me; seeing her close the door, and take a seat upon the king-sized mattress: meeting my sky-blue eyes with her own.

"You're fine, kiddo. I wasn't asleep," I answered; shifting towards her form.

A nod was my only response.

"Dad? Could…could I snuggle with you tonight?" she questioned; her ruby-red pools seeming to look like a fiery orange in the lighting.

I laughed softly, gently nudging her, "Do you even need to ask? You know the answer is yes."

This brought a light smile to her lips: she reaching out to pet my wings.

This had become a tradition between us. It was our time to spend together, without interruptions. When I wasn't cuddling with my husband: I was snuggling with her.

Granted, she wasn't my daughter by blood: but, I never cared. I had had a lot of people who saw me as a dad figure, despite not being related. In my eyes: you didn't need blood to make you a family. All you needed was the love, and the bond that set a group of people together as one, never-ending circle.

"Well, babe: I say we head to bed."

My daughter nodded silently; getting up, and going to the other side: gently turning down the blankets, and climbing inside: pulling them over her slender form.

"I just hope Jake doesn't mind," she whispered, laying back onto the twilight blue-cased pillow; seeming to fluff it as she got comfortable.

"Aw, he won't mind. No different than when Angel does it, right?" I smirked, hitting 'play' to the nearby stereo: new age music emitting from the speakers.

"I guess not."

"See? Nothing wrong with a snuggle. Everyone needs one eventually," I responded; laying back down, and placing the covers over my own form.

My daughter nodded again; flipping the light switch, as we were instantly concealed in darkness.

She let a wandering sigh escape her: her gaze fixing to the popcorn ceiling above us; seeming to be lost in thought.

I shifted my form towards hers once again, curiously meeting her eyes.

"Hey…what's wrong, doll?" I questioned; knowing that something was on her mind.

The fire angel beside me shook her head, "It's nothing. I'm okay."

I chuckled softly, "Girl, I can see right through you. I've been with you since you were what? 4 months old? Now out with it, kid," I coaxed; trying to get her to talk.

"How could I forget? I'm always asking May to tell me the story. You're my guardian angel," she stated, looking towards me.

I smiled; thinking back to that first time.

I had saved her from dying at a young age; and had stood by her side ever since then.

Most people had claimed she was crazy, because she was often seen talking to "herself;" as a small child. But, in reality, she had been talking to me. I had really been the only one that would listen to her, and really show her that she had a purpose in her life.

In a small sense; I literally almost was her father. The only thing I had lacked was being alive: the most obvious; and that I hadn't actually created her with her mother.

In my opinion: you didn't have to sleep with someone's mom to make a person a dad. You simply just had to be there for them, and love them. And that's exactly what I had done since my friend, May had first shown me her 'profile.'

I turned my attention back to the woman next to me.

"And I always will be, sweetie. Now, out with it. I know something's on your mind."

I heard her sigh from the darkness; seeming to nestle into my wings.

Everyone had teased me about being a "solar eclipse," due to their size…but, I only laughed it off. It was a joke we had all had with those who owned their own realm; and it was something that would stick with us for the rest of eternity.

My daughter reached out; petting the feathers with her lavender nails, as she spoke, "Dad, I'm a moron."

I managed a light blink; looking to her in curiosity, "What do you mean?" I questioned.

"Do you think I did the right thing? I mean, Summer's off and happy with Beth; Daddy has Crimson; May has Diox; Layla has Anthony; you have Jake and even my mom has Brad. Me? I'm still by myself."

She took a moment to sweep a lock of black and red from her eyes, sighing, "Everyone has someone, it seems."

I reached out; lightly touching her shoulder, "Hey…don't be sad, kiddo. You'll find someone soon."

My daughter laughed half-heartedly, "Sure. That's what everyone said before I met Amanda; and look what happened there."

She made a point, I'll confess…but, that still didn't stop me from believing in what I had just said. I knew someday she'd be happy with a nice guy, or girl. She just had to look in the right places.

I had spent a literal lifetime without my Jake: only watching him from the bleachers of our old high school football field, as he made victory as the star quarterback. It took both of us dying to end up together, and married with our son. It had been quite the fight to get where we were to this day: But, in the end: it was well-worth it.

"Well…it's true that Amanda wasn't the one for you. But, you know? You shouldn't give up hope. It's like I always told Amara: You'll find the right one when you stop looking for them."

I hated seeing any of my family like this. I had wanted to cheer her up; and I intended on doing just that.

"Yeah," she answered, looking towards me, "But, why is being alone so painful? I hate this, Dad. I see how happy everyone…even ding dong is…with their love; and it kills me inside to know that I'm stuck having to sleep alone."

"I know it sucks, sweetie. I know it all too well. But, don't let a few bad experiences get you down. You're a sweet, caring, beautiful young woman, Missy. The right one will come along soon, I know it. Don't give up," I replied, seeing her look towards me: curiosity in her deep, red eyes.

I continued on:

"I know right now it seems like finding someone is impossible…but, trust me: Once you do; and you will: You'll look back on this, and say, 'wow, he was right.' Just give it time, and give your heart time to heal. Once you do: the girl or guy of your dreams will come, and carry you off to the sunset. I just know it."

This brought her a smile, "Thanks, Dad."

"You're welcome, kiddo," I spoke; leaning over to plant a friendly kiss to her cheek; causing the flames around her to change to a light pink: indicating a blush.

I got comfortable; hiding a yawn into my sleeve.

Man, it had been a long week.

Light laughter was heard from next to me; Missy setting up "camp," on her side of the bed; looking over at me with a light smirk.

"Dad, get to bed," she coaxed; obviously picking up the previous work week.

I felt my complexion change to an icy blue; blushing myself.

"Sounds good to me."

I pulled the blankets higher; letting my eyes softly close: sighing in relaxation.

I had felt myself begin to drift off, when-

"Hey, Dad?" Missy spoke again.

"Mmm?" I sleepily whispered; reopening my eyes.

My daughter looked over; softening her voice to just barely a whisper, "Hold me."

"Aww," I spoke, letting a soft chuckle emit; making my way to where she was, and letting my wings gently curl around her; she seeming to curl into the icy blue feathers.

I let my arms gently slide around her waist, as she shifted closer.

Like I said before- you didn't need blood to be a father. You simply needed to show them that they were truly loved, and important.

"Thank-you, Daddy," she whispered, soon drifting off into sleep: light breathing taking the place of her voice.

I smiled down; petting her flame-like wings as to say 'you're welcome;' letting the music from the CD player swirl around me like a tranquil sanctuary.

I managed to get myself comfortable; shifting into the pillow, as I let my eyes close once again. I knew my love would be in soon to hold me; so, I wasn't worried about getting up to look for him.

As I felt myself drift into dream-land: a warm, peaceful feeling entered my soul.

After so much torture, and hell I once faced as a mortal: I had finally achieved what I had always wanted: the man I loved to love me back; and a family who I knew would always stand by my side, no matter what.

We had faced everything together; and despite what obstacles got in the way to challenge our 'circle,' we still stood together as one: growing stronger as those obstacles threatened the very 'team' that we had become. Through it all; we were a family:

And no force on earth, or in the afterlife…could tear us apart.

For someone special…