"Broken Eyes"

"Broken Eyes"

When I open my eyes

I see her

I can feel her lips on mine again

I remember everything


Every soft feature

Those eyes

And how mesmerized I was

And how much I miss her

I fucking miss her

I miss feeling beautiful

Feeling loved

And then I close my eyes

And I cannot see her

Feel her

Remember her

So I open them once more

And she is not here,

But I feel her

I want her back more than anything in the world


And as I open my eyes

I wonder if she ever thinks of us

Misses us

I wonder if it ever happened

It is so surreal

This feeling

I remember everything

But when I open my eyes

She's not here

And I cannot help the unbearable broken heart

That brings these tears to their knees

I have never felt this way before

Missed this way before

Please cut these vocal cords out

Leave my tears voiceless

If only I could have one more chance

Just one

To show her how much she means

How much I love her

Because Gd knows I love her

I will never move forward

Until I can know that this has been real

That everything I see when my eyes are open

Or in my dreams

Hasn't been a hallucination

I just want to know that I haven't

Lost my mind

I am completely broken now

I fucking love her more than anything

Wishing someone would love me the way I love this girl,

I close my eyes one last time

And never say goodbye.