Just After the Rain

Just After the Rain

At 7:45 pm, December 31st

We, three, set out on quads,

Onto a road we knew,

Just after the rain.

At 7:57 pm,

He and I crashed,

We didn't see the washout

Caused by the rain.

At 7:58 pm,

She called 911,

I couldn't feel my legs

And he was unresponsive.

At 8:17 pm,

We were carried away,

Up to the sky by helicopters.

My vision darkened.

At 8:29 pm,

We arrived at the hospital,

We were carried in,

He was taken away from me.

At 9:46 pm,

I awakened in ICU,

With an IV in my wrist,

And casts on my legs.

At 9:50 pm,

I asked her about him,

She said he was in surgery.

Most of his ribs were broken,

And he suffered severe head trauma.

At 9:00 am, January 4th,

I was released, but

I returned to his room,

A single red rose on the nightstand.

At 4:36 pm, February 14th,

The casts on my legs were removed,

He was still in ICU, though.

Another rose was placed.

At 5:12 am, February 17th

His heart stopped beating,

And he stopped breathing.

It was raining again.

At 5:15 am,

He was pronounced dead.

She and I cried and wailed.

It was still raining.

At 12:00 noon, February 28th,

His funeral was held.

I placed a single red rose

In his coffin, under his cold hand.

At 11:59 pm, March 3rd,

I went out again,

To that same road, alone.

To that same place, alone.

At 12:11 am, March 4th,

I crashed purposefully.

No one was there to call.

No one was there to save me.

At 12:23 am,

I died, and joined him.

And he handed me

A single red rose.