Unfelt Sympathies

Dust rolling in the wind
A single tree in the distance
An all-encompassing hum
These whispers change no minds
They simply starve the bodies

This is my carcass, dried up at my feet
These are my pretense, full yet incomplete
This is the dirt I fought to die for
This is the hurt, for all it wasn't worth

And it's a long walk to nowhere
In this land of filth and shame
The sky and earth, both freed of worth
Are nothing left to claim
As nothing they became

This land I loved has taken to the air
No god above has shown it any care
And no devil wasn't envied

This land betrayed, thus lain to waste
This land unmade to chain the graced
And no devil's belly empty
Yet they too yearn for something
Something they've misplaced

But it's a long walk to nowhere
In this land that's lost its name
I don't know when I'll get there
But this rage won't be contained
And this heart just can't sustain
My sympathy