Hi! Ume here!(pronounced OO-may, for all you people out there who don't know Japanese) This is my very first post. On anything.

For all of you Christians out there who take offense at someone messing religion (and anyone else who may be concerned now that I wrote that), this is a work of fiction, not fact. I twist around Christianity a bit solely for the perpose of the story. I do not mean to offend anyone. I'm Christian myself. If you can't stand someone goofing with religion a bit to make a piece of fiction, just remember. No one's forcing you to read this.

BTW: Anne's last name is one of those things where you mix up the letters and it actually forms a real word! Exra credit for anyone who guesses it right! As for you people out there that I've told what it is (you know who you are!) are not allowed to guess.

Anne Glecharan was smart. Everyone said so. She was pretty too. Though her features were plain, they were perfectly proportioned. Her thick, slightly wavy brown hair was the envy of every girl in her class. Anne stayed thin without any effort and was very social, able to get even the quietest kids to laugh. Logically, she would have been part of the 'in-crowd' at her school with a pack of people following her around. But she wasn't.

She didn't pay any attention to fashion. Her wardrobe consisted of blue jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Her hair cut was more of a boyish style, rather than something that would show off her beautiful locks. She was usually buried in a book when she wasn't talking to someone. Her music choices were less than mainstream, bordering on what her mother called 'head-banger' music. The closed thing she had ever had to a boyfriend was reading countless romance novels.

It was with a scattered group of friends that Anne made it through high school with. She graduated at close to the top of her class, earning a full scholarship to her choice college. It was about a four-hour drive north from home, in a city known for the tourism in the summer months and heavy snow in the winter. She was excited to move out on her own, but she quickly encountered a problem. While her family wasn't considered poor, there wasn't exactly a lot of money either, and dorm rooms were expensive. She wasn't sure if she should feel sad when one of her mother's uncles died that June. His house had been in the same city as Anne's college and she was given the option of moving in there. She had slightly mixed feelings as she accepted the offer.

However, upon arrival at the house in early August, both Anne and her parents were disappointed. The house was old and would have been beautiful had been kept up. The yard was full of dead leaves and uncut grass. There had been a garden bordering the house, but that was choked up with weeds. The paint on the side of the house was peeling away and the roof had seen better days. There was a four-season porch on the front side of the house, but the blinds were drawn in all the windows, so it was impossible to see the inside of the house. The concrete steps leading to the front door were cracked and the railing on one side was loose. The only good point for the outside of the house was the fact that the chain-link fence had been taken completely over by a climbing, flowering plant.

The inside of the house was even worse. Opening the door to the four-season porch revealed endless stacks of newspapers. They filled up almost the entire space, leaving only a skinny walkway to get to the door to the rest of the house. Beyond the door was a mudroom with hooks on the wall for coats, plenty of space for shoes and an umbrella stand. That was the neatest room in the house. Everywhere else was crammed full of junk. Leaving the mudroom was a flight of stairs leading up. The stairs, like the porch, was full of stuff, leaving a skinny path upstairs. To the left was the kitchen. The cupboards were full of food past the expiration date. The kitchen lead to the dining room. It was full of books, some on bookshelves and some not, effectively burying the dining room table, chairs and the hutch, which in turn was also filled to the brim with china. There was probably another room beyond that, but it was impossible to see past the books.

On the other side of the stairway was what was supposed to be the living room. It was impossible to see what was all in there, it was so crammed full of junk. The upstairs wasn't much better. The bathroom looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while, but was otherwise fine. One of the bedrooms had only a bed frame and a dresser in it. The other one was full of junk. Anne however, didn't let the condition of the house phase her. She insisted on staying anyway.

Anne moved in, got a job as a waitress, and started college. Her enthusiasm started to fade as she frequently tripped over the junk in her house, struggled to keep herself fed, and was 

trodden on at work. She was even starting to suspect that there was someone stalking her. On her way home from the college and her work, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being followed. Every time she left her house, she always kept watch over her shoulder for whatever it was that was watching her.

Wow. That wasn't all that long, was it? I felt weird putting the prolouge with the first chapter though, so I'm putting them up seperatly.