Well, so much for updating this in a reasonable fashion. It's been what, four months? Close enough. Point is, November was NaNoWriMo. Then finals, then I went home and spent time with my family. Now I'm back at college and it's going to be a rough semester. I really hope my updating is going to be somewhat regular, but don't hold your breath. Really, you would probably suffocate or something. At least Zashteth puts me in a good mood. Silly demon. Thanks for making me smile. Hope he does the same for my readers.

Anne was washing the dishes when the doorbell rang again. She dropped the fork in the sink and wiped her hands dry as she wen to the front door, grabbing the bowl of candy on her way. Zashteth was standing there, his stance wide. His hands were behind his back and there was a big grin on his face.

"Trick or treat?"

She glared at him and leaned against the door frame. "Very funny."

"No really, tirck or treat?"

Anne pressed her lips into a tight line. She searched his face before picking one tootsie roll out of the bowl and shoving it in his face. "Now, what do you want?"

Zashteth took the candy on one hand and shoved it into his pants pocket. "Thank you!" He said those words a bit too chipper for Anne. Her already slight frown deepened. "Now I have a gift for you."

He grabbed the candy bowl from her and put it down on the floor.

"Hold out your hands."

Anne obliged.

"Now close your eyes."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"You probably have something nasty behind your back, like a giant spider."

Zashteth chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll like it."

Bringing his other hand out from behind his back, she noticed he was holding something. He placed it in her hand and she immediatly realized it was black. And wet.

"You gave me a drowned rat?"

Zashteth looked like he was about to start laughing.

"Where's the punch line?"

"Ask, and you're going to recieve, or something like that."

She gave him a look. "When did I ask for a bedraggled, oversized rodent?"

"Why don't you take a closer look at your gift?"

With closer examination, she was able to see it was not in fact a mutant gerbil, but a rather small cat. It was black all over, quite wet and still breathing. It sleepily opened one bright green eye to breifly look at Anne before letting out a pitiful meow. Anne felt a warmth surge through her heart, as many people do when faced when a charity case of a baby animal and she smiled.

"You poor thing, let's get you dry and warm!"

Completly forgetting the demon standing in her doorway, she took the cat inside.

Said demon walked into the porch with a smile on his face, though it was of a different sort then what he'd had earlier. He shut the door securly behind him and looked down at the candy bowl. A malicious smile flashed back onto his face as he grabbed an handful and stuffed it into his pocket before strolling inside after Anne.

He found her in the upstairs bathroom, where whe had given the cat a brief bath in the sink. She was drying it off now. The cat, through disgruntled from being wet, seemed to be enjoying the attention. Quietly as usual, he casually leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms.


Anne jumped, scowled at him briefly and returned to the cat.

"What do you think?"

She was very careful to keep her eyes on her work. "Of what?"

"My little gift to you."

"It's fine."

"The color doesn't bother you?"

"What are you talking about?"

He chuckled. "Aren't black cats supposed to be bad luck?"

Zashteth could see her roll her eyes at that statement. "I've got you. How much worse could my luck get?"

"Excelent point."

"What do you want now?"

"Oh, so I have to want something from you to be in your precence now?"

Anne picked up the kitten and turned to him. "What other reason would you have for hanging around me?"

"Maybe I just enjoy the company."

"Yeah right. Now move, I need to find the cat something to eat."

He moved aside to allow her through the doorway. She glared at him on her way past.

After going down the stairs and into the kitchen, she discovered he was following her. She spun around and sent him another glare. "What now?"

He strolled past her and took up a perch on the kitchen counter. "Just enjoying the atmosphere."

Doing her best to ignore him, she walked right past and got a bowl out of the cupboard.

"So what were you planning on feeding it?"

Anne sighed.

"Your left-over chicken from last night. That would probably be best until you can go out and buy some real food tomorrow."

She groaned as she opened the fridge.

"What's wrong now?"

She pulled out the glass dish full of left-over chicken and set it down on the table. "I don't have the money to buy cat food."

"Should have thought of that before you asked for a cat."

Anne stuck her tongue out at him before tearing apart the piece of chicken for the cat.

"What are you going to name her?"

"How do you know she's a girl?"

"She told me so."

"I don't suppose she told you her name too?"

"Names are a human thing. So you get to pick."

She looked the kitten over for a minute. "I'll think it over a bit."

The kitten ate chicken until she fell asleep. Anne picked through the junk in the living room and came up with a low cardboard box, which she filled with an old sheet in the linen closet without a mate. The kitten was placed in there and she set the box down on the floor, away from the window and with the radiator around the corner of the counter.

"Do you mind checking on her once in a while?" Anne asked Zashteth as she went upstairs.

"It's fine. Not like I sleep anyway."

She nodded and ran up the stairs. From his spot on top of the counter, he looked down at the kitten.

"Lucky," he muttered. "Not everyone gets someone to come along and rescue them."

The kitten just continued to sleep.

CONTEST!!!! Sort of. I have no idea what to name the kitten. She's black and has green eyes if you didn't pick up on that. As for personality, we're going to find out that she has a little bit of a chip on her shoulder. Like most cats. Any suggestions?

Shorter than what I like to post, but I'm happy with it. I wrote the last half of that in the last hour, so that tells you how slowly I write. Well, now that we're done with Halloween, what's there left to look forward to? What other problems is Anne going to run into? And what more trouble can Zashteth cause? Haha. This is nowhere near done. And I know what's going to happen next!! Now, if only I can write it. . .