Caramel On My Chocolate Cake

Caramel on my chocolate cake
Make no mistake
These two flavors together
Make an exhilarating taste
Never wanna leave that caramel alone
Wishing I had it at home
It's hard to keep your cake warm
When you're on your own

My chocolate cake is delicious by itself
Don't ask me how I know, I just do
It's always moist and piping hot
Hard to cool down no matter how hard you blew
Your mouth waters at its beauty
Can't help but to add your sweet, tan sauce
You go 'round and 'round, making it swirl
Caught up in your own little world

Wondering how you're gonna go about
Devouring what's in front of you
So in order to get you going
I dip in and sample it
Letting you know it's all right, don't be so polite
This is a chance for you to take a bite
It's all right here on this kitchen table
Just take it, please while we're still able

You take a piece of it, and the frosting trickles
Down the side of your mouth, pleased by the flavor
In the next moment, I begin to giggle
When you flip it over and it's the bottom you savor
I wanna scream with delight, but it'd be weird
So instead I whisper in your ear
Of how good you tasting it feels
Got me wondering if it's for real

There's more where that came from
I'm determined to give you a sugar rush
So I break out the rest of the cake
With the cream, the fudge and the nuts
Your eyes glaze and widen as you take it all in
I'll make sure this'll never end
Let's stop playing games, I'm sick of pretend
Stop being so shy, just take over and dig in

Do you mind if I turn the lights down?
You don't really need to see in order to eat
You'll taste it better anyway
Senses are better at night than during the day
Matter of fact, bring it over here
Don't think I'm being shady
It just tastes even better in the dark
Know what I'm trying to say, baby?

-Lady Scribe
April 5, 2008