Starless Night

On this starless night
Hoping and waiting
For a sign he was thinking of you
There was a glimmer of hope
Still burning inside you
But like all glowing embers
This warmth will be gone

Hiding somewhere under
The misty veil he kept over his eyes
He wanted to let you in
And wondered if the fear of an ending
Was greater than the thrill of a new love
So he told you he loved you
When he didn't even know if it was true

On this starless night
You just wanted to make that wish
So you wished on a dandelion instead
And hoped that they would carry
The whisper to the skies
So the angels would answer your prayer
And the empty sky ignored your tears

But aren't you so beautiful
The sky, no matter how empty,
Will hear your wishes and prayers
And your tears will become those stars
So you can make as many wishes as you need
Because even if he won't listen to you
You need to know that someone will

On this starless night
I made a wish for you
Imagining that somehow you heard me
And hoping that when you closed your eyes
You felt my arms around you
And maybe when you see the stars in the sky
You will hear them tell you I love you