Was the First Time the Last Time?

Remembering your heartbeat underneath my ear
As you slept, could you feel my tear?
Melting, as it touched your skin
Falling from dreams that don't always win

Was the first time the last time
Snuggled in your warmth and feeling the rhyme?
My Poet's Wine
In the end, the dream's always mine

Was the first time the last time
When the music swirled, softly swaying to the rhyme?
As you held me close and the lights danced and played
For a while longer I could have stayed

Was the first time the last time
When so much more can be learned of the rhyme?
Just to share a little more space
Instead of dreams from a distant place

And the learning doesn't have to run so deep
Just enough warmth for a cozy sleep
The winds caressed your heart and I wish I could now
Did the Poet take a final bow?

Well, she didn't want to!

(okay, I thought the cruise ship romance would end at the pier, but a few heart strings lingered...)