To Make a Scene


Revised: July 30, 2008.

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Fear: (n):

1. A feeling of apprehension.

2. reverence or awe; respect

3. A reason for dread or apprehension.

Everyone has their own fear. Especially me.

Let me just say this first: My name is Holly Danielle Sabers, and I have a fear of being abandoned. Yep. That's me.

It wasn't like I was abandoned at birth or anything; it's quite the opposite actually. My parents love me very much, and they try to stay home as much as they can. That, however, isn't for very long.

Dad is a successful businessman; he's the president of Saber, Inc. Don't ask about the title. I told Dad it would make it sound like a sword company, and he just replied that he wanted it that way. Mom is a famous fashion designer, so, being the successful woman she is, she has to constantly leave home to tend to her duties. The weird thing is, Mom and Dad seem to always end up traveling to the same place, so they have a healthy relationship.

But, having parents who are rarely home, it can be quite lonely. And thus, is the beginning of my phobia.

Up until freshman year I had friends. Their names were Lily, Anna, and Bri. But then my parents wanted me to apply for Riverdale High. It was close enough, they had said, and plus it was a very, very, very good school. So I took the entrance exam. And I passed.

The thing about Riverdale High is that it's a school for smart people. Meaning you have to pass a super hard exam and keep up your GPA above 3.0 to stay in. I'm not even sure how I even got in the first place; I wasn't that smart back then. Not that I'm saying I'm dumb or anything, so don't get any ideas.

Lily and Anna had to move away, so they couldn't enter in the first place. Bri somehow got in; just don't ask how she did. She wasn't that smart back then either. I know that it wasn't that way, but it kind of felt that Lily and Anna abandoned me, even though I know, deep down in my heart, that they didn't.

And Bri really did abandon me. Yeah, she left me alone and started hanging out with strangers. Way to go, Bri, you've just made my phobia even more real.

It was then that I started changing the way I looked. I started tying my hair up and wearing about a pound of makeup on my face. Plus, I started wearing drab gray colors. The result is that I look incredibly plain.

That was my goal, actually. I wanted to blend in, pulling up my walls. That way, no one can come in and hurt or abandon me.

Before, during junior high, I was a sporty girl, being the captain of the girl's soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams. Now, I'm the class president. Big difference? Yeah.

I have icy blue eyes that appear cold and piercing. I have long, glossy, incredibly straight chestnut hair. I also have high cheekbones and an oval face. My cheeks are rosy, and my skin is really pale, as a result of being inside all the time these days. I'm really thin, and fit, I guess. Is there any way to say this? I used to be pretty. But, with my makeup and clothes, I just can't say that anymore. Maybe, if one day I want to be vain, I'll change that.

I remember that Michael Tyler has always been in my life. Always, even though we didn't talk until we were about eleven. But my parents are close friends with his parents. Heck, my dad even did a merger with Michael's dad. So now the company is called Saber/Tyler Co. It's not very original, but it'll do.

Gosh, I remember, one time when I was eleven, when I started talking with him, I hated him. He was such an asshole back then. But things have changed, years have passed, and the hatred has dimmed down to a weird feeling. I can't really describe it, nor name it, for that matter. But, Michael's nicer now.

My high school life has mostly been lonely, since I didn't talk to many people, but Michael's always been there. Sometimes it was reassuring, other times it was annoying. I don't really know anymore.

So, I think I've covered everything there is to cover so far. So, welcome to my life.

My name is Holly Sabers, and here my story begins.

A/N: I know what you're thinking. Hey, isn't the introduction different? Lately, I reread the first few chapters and I decided I didn't like it, and it didn't really fit in with the rest of my story. So, I've decided to rewrite and revising some parts. Well, to be more specific, I've decided to rewrite the first two chapters and the introduction Nad maybe take out a few parts I decided, in the end, were way too childish. Don't worry, I'll still update every week, I'll just post the rewritten chapters as well. This should only take a month or so.