Ending Author's Note

Wow. I can't believe this is finally over! My last author's note for this story. It feels like yesterday when I first started writing the first chapters…

Hmm. Aside from oneshots, this is actually the first story I've stuck with and actually finished. I don't know why I stuck with this for so long, though. Maybe it was most of your support and reviews, I guess?

Have you tried reading Promise Me This yet? It's about Nicole, and it's sort of a spin-off to this, even though it's only a one-shot. You're not going to see Holly and Michael much, though. The truth is, I'm actually contemplating posting another, revised, rewritten version of that (it was really stupid of me to post it BEFORE the story ended).

But enough of that. I'm just going to post the playlist for this story, and then a bunch of deleted scenes. And then I'll have a list of possible future projects that I might work on.


How Far We've Come-Matchbox Twenty

This is Home- Switchfoot

Six Feet Under the Stars- All Time Low

Are You Ready- Three Days Grace

Five Minutes to Midnight- Boys Like Girls

Like Whoa!- Aly & AJ

Our Time Now- Plain White T's

So Young- The Corrs

First Date- Blink 182

It Ends Tonight- All American Rejects

Can't Help but Wait- Trey Songz

You and Me- Lifehouse

Heaven Forbid- The Fray

Fill Me In- Craig Davis

She Is- The Fray

Why Can't I Breathe- Liz Phair

Hundred- The Fray

All We Are- One Republic

Signal Fire- Snow Patrol

She's a Lady- Forever the Sickest Kids

Crazy Beautiful – Ashley Parker Angel

With Me – Sum 41

Fearless- Taylor Swift

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, I was going to have TMS end in a COMPLETELY different way. I was going to add a love triangle, with the third guy being Lars, and this story would've had ten more chapters. But then I decided that I've probably killed most of you off with the waiting and took out that factor. Also, I didn't like the way Holly would have acted if that happened; all angsty and basically weak. That was NOT the way I wanted Holly to turn out.

Wah; oh, and, there was going to be another girl to make Holly jealous. Her name was going to be Carrie, and she'd be Michael's girlfriend. And Cale wasn't going to end up with Blair, but Lana. Yeah…that would've been different. But anyways, here are some scraps that I wrote when I was still going to have the story end up that way:

Discarded Scenes

"Okay, so." I placed my hands over my hips, staring at the shelves in determination. "I think you should call a real tutor to help him pass the test."

Lisa glared at me, and then smiled mock-sweetly at me. "Why would I do that when I have you?"

"Because…" My eyes wander until they spot another girl watching us; spite in her eyes. My breathing hitched.

Lisa cocked an eyebrow, and then she followed my gaze to Carrie. And then comprehension dawned on her face. "Let's go," she sighed, grabbing my hand and yanking me after her.

"Wait – What – " I stammered, bewildered, tripping after Lisa. She's wearing heels, and she's running. She's making me look bad here!

When Carrie saw us coming, she held her head up even higher (If that was even possible) and stared at us challengingly. Lisa merely stared at her coolly, dark eyes sizing her up, testing her boundaries.

"Look," she spoke calmly, "if you want to say something to us, then just say it, instead of gaping cowardly. There's a limit to how much borderline stalking is permitted, you know."

Carrie let out a noise that made her sound like she was gagging. "Such rudeness. What gives you the right to come over here and just start harassing me like this?" She directed most of the weight of her glare onto me, and I shivered.

I could see it in her eyes right now. She blames me for the breakup. She thinks Michael chose me over her. That wasn't true though. I mean, how could he? She's smarter, prettier, less pathetic…

I felt Lisa nudge me sharply, and I winced. Her's eyes darted between me and Carrie, and then she slapped her forehead in exasperation. "I don't care who you are,' she began, "or what you may have against Holly. The only thing I can say, though, is that you're not worthy of him, so just let him go. It's no use trying to drag Holly down with you."

"She stole –" she began indignantly. Lisa held up a hand for silence.

"She stole nothing," she interjected quietly. "Just look at her, what-your-face. Do you honestly think she'd do something like that? Now move along."

Carrie opened her mouth, about to speak, but Lisa yelled, "Go!"

She stared hatefully at me, and then she stomped off.

"Thanks," I murmured quietly. Lisa just looked at me, indifferent.

"I liked it better when you were trying to imitate my personality."

I gaped at her. "I tried to WHAT?!"

She sighed. "Don't act so weak because of a guy. Stop moping around when you can just go up to him and say what you're feeling, and then BAM, you're happy together."

"It's not that simple!"

"Yes it is. Ugh, whatev, I'm not going to meddle anymore. You're on your own from now on, Holly." She whirled around, and then a few minutes contemplating her words later, I followed.

//end of excerpt//

Umm, well in this scene, Michael broke up with Carrie after a triple date with Lana, Cale, Holly, and Lars. Carrie blamed Holly for the incident, so then she hated Holly even more than she did originally.

I didn't like this scene because Holly seemed so…UN- Holly.

(This WAS going to be part of Chapter 18, but then I changed my mind.) :

"What's this?" Holly asked, peering into the tape player with an eyebrow quirked.

"Classical music," Lars replied.

"Could I listen to some of it?" She asked. He nodded, handing the headphones over to her.

"Is this for a class project?" Holly asked, waiting for the tape to start.


She closed her eyes, pressing the headphones tightly over her ears as it started. By now there could be a fire raging and she wouldn't sense it until she smelled the smoke.

Michael walked in, watching the soft smile play on the girl's lips, and the corners of his own mouth moved slightly.

That is, until he saw Lars move toward her, his own lip puckered. He doubted Holly would be in a very good mood when she opened her eyes.

There was a technique he learned when he was little, and touring overseas for the summer. All you did was press certain areas on the arm, and it rendered the person unconscious. And that was exactly what he did to the unsuspecting guy.

Lars slumped back in his seat limply, eyes closed. Michael quickly dragged him off his seat and on the floor, arranging his body in a position that would make him look like he was taking an innocent nap.

"Where's Lars?" Holly asked, opening her eyes and taking off the headphones. Her eyes darted to the floor, and she looked back up, and eyebrow raised.

"He's sleeping," Michael said quickly.

"Sleeping?" She repeated skeptically. "On the library floor?"

"Oh, you know how he can be sometimes," he answered casually, pulling out Jackson's chair and taking his place across Holly. "Can't stay awake to save his life."

"Hmm" was her only reply.

//end of passage//

Discarded because the characters didn't sound like themselves.

( This WAS going to be part of Chapter 14.) :

"No, no, no, no, NO." I shook my head, pointing a finger at the suitcase. "Everything in there has got to go."

Michael laughed mockingly, crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back against the pillows in my bed. "Why? Don't you want to bring along a hundred of your dresses when you spend Thanksgiving in New York with us?"

I grinned wickedly at him. "Only if you bring that video of the play you did, back in junior high."

He glared. "Hey; I burned that thing right after I got it."

"Your mother would never let that happen…"

He opened his mouth to speak, but after thinking about it, he shut it. "You're probably right," he muttered, running his hand through his tawny, hey-look-I-just-got-out-of-bed hair. I tried not to stare at it for too long.

My cell phone rang then, but after glancing at it, I ignored the sound. Michael looked curiously at me. "You should probably get that…"

"Yeah I probably should." I answered, not looking up at him. "But I won't."


"Chad broke up with Lana and now she's depressed," I sighed. "It'd be better if she called Taylor. Taylor's better with that kind of thing."

He didn't press any further. Instead, Michael patted Zero on the head before saying, "Just bring half of that suitcase."

"Then bring half of that tape."


I sidled up next to him, and elbowed him playfully. "It'd be great entertainment for the family before we eat dessert…"

"Do that and I'm asking Cale for that tape he took when you broke his leg."

I froze, and narrowed my eyes at him. "You wouldn't dare…"

Michael picked up the phone on the bedside table and dialed a number. "Hello? Cale? Listen, remember that tape that you-"

"No!" I tackled him, and we rolled off the bed, the phone completely forgotten. We landed hard on the floor, and I was pretty sure we were in an awkward position. Right now, our faces were about two inches apart, and I groaned, my arm on either side of his head. "Ow…"

This looks so wrong…

I heard a squeak, and then we were both looking at Nicole, who was looking at us like she wanted to be anywhere else in the world but here. "I'm sorry! I'll come back another time…"

No! It's not what it looks like!

Too late. The door shut closed. Silence. Then, slowly, and without a word, we crawled about ten feet away from each other. Michael just looked at me, and I just looked at him, for about ten minutes. And then Michael spoke.

"So let's not bring those videos…"


//end of passage//

LOL. That was a funny passage. BUT it mentioned Chad and Lana breaking up, and I decided to have them stay together. So thus was the scene discarded.

Other Projects

Okay, preview time! I guess I should post up the titles and the summary, along with any other passages I might have pre-written.

The Way I See It/The Ripple Effect:

Oh, oh! I remember this story. I got all excited and inspired for this story over the summer, but then I forgot about it during the school year. A lot was written for this story, but I deleted most of it. Lately I found this and then I had a new idea that I could use for this one.

This could actually be a spin-off to To Make a Scene (that is, if you want it to be written). It'll have different characters, but it'll take place in Northwood. Plus; some old characters might appear (wink). If you want it to be written, I'll take out some of the old stuff I've written and dust most of it off.

Six friends: April, Zane, Cryssa, Avery, Chase, and Carter. They've all been best friends ever since they were four. On the outside, it appears like their high school life will be flawless and perfect, but on the inside...
First off: April and Zane; born on the same day, at the same hospital, they're practically twins. They've been inseparable ever since; at least until one day...
Second: Avery and Chase, AKA "The Weakest Link" in the group. Before, they've hardly exchanged ten words to each other throughout the year, but that changes when Avery decides to take matters into her own hands...
And finally: Cryssa and Carter have probably the most cliche and expected story ever. Cryssa believes that since everyone expects them to get together, they must do so. They start dating, but for some reason Cryssa doesn't feel happy...

Anyway, I'll post another excerpt:

"Oy. Your ice cream's melting." He was peering over my shoulder.

I shrieked, my chair tumbling back. Unfortunately, I was still sitting on it, so I went flying. Owie. "It hurts!" I whimpered, rubbing my rear end, which had been the cushion for my not-so-gentle-fall. Physics really sucks.

"Are you okay?" Zane sighed, obviously used to my clumsiness by now. He moved to examine me.

"No!" I shrieked, backing away quickly, wincing as pain shot through me. "Stay five meters away!"

"April," he raised his eyebrows. "Quit being silly. Let me look at that."

"Stay behind the yellow line, okay?" I asked, taking a piece of chalk and drawing a line on the carpet. "That way, we're all happy."

"I'm not going to bite you," he said exasperatedly.

So maybe I was being unreasonable. Give me a break! I was still freaked out about his whole I-hate-you-because-of-what-your-sister-did-to-my-brother thing. I mean, come on, he didn't seem happy before the wedding was canceled, so why?

"Is this about what I said before?" He asked.

I winced. Ooh, he knew me too well. So, what, he can read my mind? I'm not going to let that happen!

"N-no," I answered. "I just – five meters away!"

He crossed the line! Literally. He leaned down, sighed, and then scooped me up in his arms.

"What are you doing? Put me down!" I thrashed around.

"Stop – ow – stop it! Do you want me to drop you?!"

That shut me up, reducing to just small whimpers. I didn't answer. I just pouted, my body still throbbing.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked. It didn't sound accusing, and it didn't sound like it hurt him either. He merely sounded curious, blunt. Just like he always was.

I hesitated. "I'm not."

He didn't look at me. "That's good to know."

//end of passage//

Of course I'm going to change parts of this excerpt, since it's rough and obviously needs work.

Dreamwalker / Behind the Briar-Roses

Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Tragedy

This is going to be a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Here's the summary:

An entire kingdom, trapped within the conjured briar-roses. Thousands of people have slept for generations, including a cursed princess, confined to walking within people's dreams. Only a banished prince can hear her now. Well, if he can put up with her sarcastic, calculating personality, then perhaps a kingdom can be saved…


Charr watched the girl toy with her necklace. Her deep amber eyes changed to a dark gold when she caressed the locket, and he studied the way her eyes narrowed, her mouth set in a frown. He should have easily believed her story, and yet...

"Well? What is your response?" Her cold, sharp voice rang out in the silence, and, despite the fogginess that clouded his dream, it sounded jarringly real.

Char snorted. "There are several reasons why I feel compelled to give you a negative answer: One; this could very well be a dream, and when I wake up, none of this is a reality. Two; I have no power whatsoever to assist you, other than the fact that only I can see you. And finally, three, I don't even know your name!"

Her amber eyes flashed, and then he felt her assessing him, deciding whether he was desperately needed or not. This girl was no ordinary girl; at least, not in the way she presented herself. A hundred years of wandering aimlessly had hardened her, changing her into an icy, calculating person, and her eyes had lost all emotion, until there was nothing but the steeliness of time shown.

"You have seen my sleeping body," she snapped. "In the castle walls. As you can see, it is very difficult to pass through the briars, so it is a wonder how you managed to even get through. As for my name, that is not important. My identity and person will only be entrusted when I am certain of your trustworthiness. Right now, however, it seems very unlikely, judging from your cowardice at the moment."

"Cowardice?!" Charr exclaimed. "You show yourself in a freaking dream and I'm expected to believe you, right away? Tell me, how much weighs on this encounter?"

"Very much," she seethed. "A century has been spent searching for that witch of a woman who has done this to the kingdom! All because of an insignificant, enchanted spindle!"

He laughed. "I can't believe you fell for something that stupid. Tell me, how is it that you forgot seventeen years of lectures of 'Never touch the end of a spindle' in a few seconds? And how is it that you do not know who the culprit is?"

"I was naiive back then," she snapped, "now, all I want is for her identity to be found, caught and eliminated!"

Charr smiled, amused. "You're assuming that she's still alive, of course."

"I am absolutely certain that shes still alive. I do not know how it works, but...magic keeps one ageless, and extends their lifespan. My fairy godmothers are still alive now, since I can still see them through their dreams." The girl looked like she was about to go on, but then she froze, realizing her slip.

"Fairy godmothers," Charr repeated with wonder. "Funny, I still think this tradition continues even today, but, if I'm not mistaken, only members of the royal family are permitted to be connected to a fairy." With every word, he watched her face grow ashen, and her watched her barriers slowly break. "Keeping this in mind, I'll ask you: Just who are you?"

The girl closed her eyes, and she tucked a lock of black hair behind her ear self-consciously. "Fine. I'll tell you, but word of this must not go out to no one."

Charr nodded. "Of course."

Her amber eyes stared out at him, finally showing sign of emotion. "I am...Princess Natalia Aurelie Serenity Charissa of the ninth royal family, Briar-Rose, heir to the Shamiaen throne."

//end of passage//

Oceanside Ridge:

Hey, do you guys remember Aenire, from way back when I started writing? Pfft. Probably only, like, three of you remember this story. I took it down because I lost all inspiration for it. But, it kept bugging me, so I decided that maybe it'd be easier if I removed all fantasy components Also, since this is going to be called Oceanside Ridge, also the place where JOL takes place, this is actually going to be a prequel to the story, about Leta's adoptive parents and how they met.

Here's an excerpt:

Ryan noiselessly paced in the hallway, nervously contemplating his intent. The soft sound of rock music playing didn't seem to help him calm down. Finally, he knocked hurriedly on Airi's bedroom door. "Airi!" He called. "Open the door!"

The door opened just slightly, and Airi peered out at him, rubbing her eyes sleepily. There was barely enough light let into the room for him to be able to make out her features. Right now, her eyes were a soft, seawater blue. "What is it?" She yawned.

He hesitated. Airi blinked questioningly, before beginning to withdraw back into her room. His arm impulsively shot out to stop her, and her eyes trailed from his arm, to the stormy, unsettled state that he was in. "Is everything alright, Ryan?"

"Well. Umm." He scratched his head anxiously. "About your foster parents…"

Airi stiffened; her mouth opening to form a small 'o'. "What about them?"

"Well, I've been thinking of a solution, and I finally came up with something…unique."

"Go on."

"The solution I finally came up with is…I think…you should marry me."

Airi laughed, but when Ryan didn't do the same, she looked at him, scared. The look on her face betrayed her internal turmoil; incredulity, melancholy, fear, and a strange calm. Instead, he said quietly, "I'm serious."

Her eyes widened, and she choked out, "Hold on." A minute passed, and then the door slammed. A few seconds later, the muffled sound of things crashing and Airi's screaming were heard.

Ryan blinked. "She took that a lot better than I thought she would."

//end of passage//

Yay, we're back to Airi, Ryan, and Damian again!

Thank you to anyone who's ever read this (very, very flawed, but it's still my first) fic, especially to those who have reviewed, favorite-d, who've added this fic to their C2.

Thank you to anyone who's ever seen my mistakes and corrected them, for sticking through my horrible writing and spelling errors, whoever has stuck through since the beginning, and whomever actually enjoyed this story. I've loved every single one of your reviews, whether it's reprimanding or gushing.

Thank you everyone, and I hope you've enjoyed my first finished story.