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Authors' Note:

This story has been written by two people in a collaborative effort. It is written in a story format by way of role-play. This story is completely written but will be posted in chapter increments on a weekly basis. Here's a quick preview of the story!

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

You don't want me, he thought... it was also an internal plea-but he wasn't going to let his defiant expression fade. The shackles quietly clinked together once more as he unconsciously shifted his arms, uncertain of what to expect.

The prince blinked, it being the only sign of recognizing the boy's movement since his face remained impassive. Titling his head slightly, he easily noted the boy's pleasant features. There was no doubt that this boy presented to him was thus far the most attractive, but that wasn't the only reason Scott felt drawn to him. His hand came up without thinking, hoping to force away his thoughts as he took the boy's chin somewhat roughly and turned his head aside to study him, seemingly looking for any trace of deformity or scar… anything that could make him step down the line that much easier.

The voices from the back of the room began to rise again and only then did Scott realize what he had done. Without meaning to, without realizing his actions, he had touched this boy. He had laid his hand upon him and in doing so had brought hope to those members of his family. "Your name," Scott demanded, his voice rising faintly above those speaking to silencing them with his authority.

The peasant boy could do nothing as his chin was roughly grabbed and his face was turned aside, the surprise on his face unmistakable due to Scott's lingering attention on him; he could feel his stare burning into him just as the King's had. His teeth grit tightly at the demand; was he doing something wrong? Why was he being studied more carefully than the other boys? Why had he been asked for his name?

His stomach turned as his voice seemed to appear out of nowhere.