the sun was setting in a deluge of fiery glory,
drowning and slowly submerging in the darkening sky with the beauty of death at its heels
but phoenix-like because it never really died. reborn in the shadows of its demise.
casting shadows like puddles of ink over the lines of the empty parking lot. i watched as it hung
reluctantly just above the line of the earth, tree silhouettes reaching vainly, trying to catch
something far out of reach.
i wish it'd rain.
but standing on the sun-warmed asphalt of the wal-mart's parking lot,
serenity finds me, holds me and for once, the anger i feel constantly subsides.
the wind picks up, i can feel the words i whispered to you cling to
the bare skin of my arms and neck, warm and scared.
my knuckles throbbing, aching as i clench them into fists and relish
the pain that i deserve.
punching walls was never my best habit but all's not well
in love and war.
the whispers floated on to attach themselves to you, quiet messages murmured in your ear.
the sun is falling into place below the horizon and so are my hopes, my peace.
another minute of silence twilit by soft stillness
the parking lot is empty and lonely, just like me.
the rain started to fall from the clear night sky.
as i walk home, quietude dripping down my face.