Heightened, brightened high above,

Looming up in bitter love

Smooth and sweet and softly by,

She plunders through a darkened sky

Never asking how or why

She sails above just to defy

The purest pressure though it try

To pull and plead her from her high

And steal away the sun's goodbye.

In the place where she escapes

The sun will come and always takes

Her burning light and with it makes

The people rise from their wakes

Assuming life as frauds and fakes.

Never knowing that she waits

Seeing all their trapping baits

Meant to destroy their precious fates.

Longing just to take them home

And stop them from a futile roam

Into the depths of deep despair

Where even light cannot be fair,

Trapped itself in darkened lair.

The Moon looks on wondering where

She'll find her strength, escape the snare,

And sail in peace as light as air.

A/N: The people I had read this before I posted it didn't know what the first "chunk" was about, that is, what I was describing. Should I make it more apparent? Is it too subtle?