Summary: In 1861 a war broke out in America. It was a war that was fought to split a nation and inevitability, it split many families. Juliet's family was one of those. With her father fighting for the south and her older brother fighting in the north and a tragic event leaves Juliet on her family's plantation alone with only slaves. Feeling of abandonment and hurt, she finds love where it is forbidden, in a heart that is forced to call her Owner.

A/N Hey everyone, this is a working progress, hopefully one I'll finish. One thing I want to point out I'm not racist, but this is a historical fiction and I'm going to keep it as close to historical accuracy as possible, so when I say bad things about the slaves please know that I'm just having my characters act as people would have back in 1861. With that said, please enjoy, review or not.

Chapter 1: The Meadow

I stayed half way behind a tree on the forest edge, just staring at him with awe. His movements made me wonder if that ridiculous statement that my teacher said before he left was true or not. Looking at him, watching him, could we be descendants of apes? Or is it just them, slaves? Is that why their so lower than us? Because they're ancestors were apes, and God just created us so we could rule them? To bring order to their chaotic lives?

I watched him grab an apple from the tree that he was swinging in, and jump down. He then sat down, leaned his back against the tree, one leg bent the other straight and took a bite out of the apple. He seemed to be staring off into space.

Suddenly, my father's two new hound pups came bursting out from behind me yelping and ran to the strange ape boy. A smile came to his face before his head turned, he looked to the pups and then he spotted me.

My first thought was to hide behind the rest of the tree, it took me a second to realize while the tree was big enough to hide me, my white skirts would stick out. Another thought crossed my mind and it appalled me. I was trying to hide from a slave. My anger at myself rose. I didn't need to hide, I owned this land. I owned the apple in his hand. He was stealing, he should be the one hiding. So why was I trying to hide? I owned him, why was I trying to hide from my own property? It can't hurt me, it would die if it laid one hand on me. He wasn't something I needed to fear. I was something he needed to fear.

I stepped out onto the small meadow that rested in-between the trees. I lifted my chin up higher, like Mother taught me to do when in the presence of those who are underneath my family's class. I walked up to the slave who was by then standing, and hiding the apple behind his back.

"Miss." He pulled one of his hands from behind his back and tipped his ragged hat. He was a head taller than me, a few years older than me too. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, he was, for the lack of a better word, interesting.

He shuffled his feet a little, and made me realize that I was staring. Not knowing why I was standing here looking at this worthless slave, I blurted out, "You're eating my father's apple." His eyes widened and I heard the apple drop behind him.

"I-I'm sorry, Miss. I was just taking a break for a little bit before I headed back to the house, Miss." His brown eyes filled with fear, "Please, Miss, please don't tell the Master, I could get w-whipped. Miss, please." I felt, sorry for him. I nodded my head.

"Alright, fetch me an apple and all will be forgiven." A small smile grew on his face and he quickly thanked me. He then started to climb the tree again. Having being able to have a closer look, I saw the muscles in his arms flex as he pulled himself up. With in a matter of seconds, he grabbed an apple and jumped back down.

He held the apple out to me. I reached for it, and my hand brushed lightly against his. I quickly pulled away my hand with the apple. I felt nervous, and a little flustered and I could feel my face getting warmed, but I kept my head high. With out so much as a 'thank you' I turned and walked back into the small forest.

As I was stomping through it, I thought back to the brief encounter with the slave. I felt like a fool. What was I thinking when I walked up to it? And giving in to it's begging by giving my word not to tell? What was that about? And the apple. Why did I ask for the stupid thing?

I looked down at the apple in my hand. Then my eyes glided over to the hand itself. When my hand brushed against his, I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was rough from years of working, yet it also felt kind of soft as well.

Why did it make me happy? And confused?

"JUILET!" a voice shouted from a distance. It was enough to bring me out of my thoughts. I noticed that I had stopped walking and was staring at my hand. Calling myself a fool yet a again, I ran to the voice that was calling, letting what happened in the meadow slip from my mind completely.