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Personal Response: Demon Children.

A child is a beacon of innocence, free from corruption. "Yeah right." Do not be fooled by their helpless demeanour, the fragility in their form is but an illusion that appeals to the nurturing nature of our rationale. They are cunning little creatures who know exactly how to get what they want, and because we are in awe of their supposedly 'innocent charm', we are unaware of their duplicity.

People are under the impression that adults are in charge when dealing with a child, however the sheer power of a child's persuasion can sway an adult into doing practically anything a child requests. No one expects to be deceived by something that appears to be so harmless. Yet the expression 'nothing is ever as it seems' comes to mind, and the fact of the matter is, children are perhaps more devious than we give them credit for.

It may sound as though I harbour a certain loathing for these pint-sized hellions, but I assure you that is not the case, it is merely an observation. Children seem to enjoy making claims on things that do not belong to them. A simple "Mine!'' is issued and before you know it, 'yours' becomes 'theirs'. There are no boundaries to their audacity and you wonder why it is that no one else but you can see their treachery. This is because parents are inclined to believe the best in their children, apparently it is called unconditional love.

The children who use this to their advantage exploit this certain compassion that enables one to care for others. We have all been guilty of employing the 'helpless act' at one stage or another, but children do it on a daily basis. Of course, one must take into account that children are not fully developed, and they do not share the same mental capacity of an adult. Nevertheless, this, in no way, means that they are blind to their own advantages.

They know that if they were to 'accidentally' (ha!) drop their ice-cream and bawl their eyes out, you would feel obliged to buy them a new one, or better yet give them yours. Nothing makes one of those children feel better, than taking something of yours and parading it infront of you. They may not understand that ramifications of their actions, but they do understand that it works. To them, that is all that matters.

Children are said to be egocentric, and this makes sense. It gives an excuse as to why they think it is funny to get you into trouble, and why you catch them laughing at your expense whilst you are being reprimanded. They seem to very much enjoy watching you suffer, as though it were a showing at the cinema.

This may very well seem to be a very pessimistic viewpoint of children; however, I must explain that it is by no means, an indication of all children, just 'those ones'. Merely the ones that I have observed all my life. The ones that throw sand on you when you are at the beach trying to relax, the ones that cry those 'crocodile tears' so that you get grounded for something you know you did not do. You know, the ones that take your things and hide them, so that they can watch you look for it, with the smuggest expression on their pixie-like faces.

Through my experiences with children, I have developed a sort of armour to protect myself from their attacks. It seems absurd to be arming myself against children at least decades younger, but it is absolutely necessary. They have affected me in a way that has proved irreversible; I am unable to look at a child in the same way ever again. You could say I have become disillusioned, no longer able to look upon a baby and coo with pleasure at their adorability.

That is now almost impossible, for each time I see a child, I imagine them throwing my possessions out of a moving vehicle. It is a pity to be unable to see a child as just a 'child' anymore. It may appear to be a slight case of paranoia; however, one can never be guilty of reading too much into something. Not when you catch them staring at you with large glassy eyes and a blank stare that could freeze one's soul.

No amount of words can explain the look of unfathomable intelligence behind those innocent eyes. The stare may be blank, but where something appears to be nothing, you can bet your life that there is most definitely something there. Something other than the innocent void that they project to the world, with asinine comments such as, "I like your pencil'' which usually translate to mean, "Give me your pencil.'' Do not get lost in translation, everything a child says can relate back to their wants and desires.

I am not telling you to stone the first child you see today, or even that you should avoid children all together. I am merely speaking from experience, and offering others the chance to escape with their soul still intact. Children are precious, and if you have been lucky enough to have never met one of 'those children', then count your blessings.

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