I am a Human

Stop being judgmental,
I am a Human.

Imperfection lingers inside of me,
I can cry,
I can be exasperated by criticisms,
I cant even conceal the pain of being judged.

I prefer sometimes living in solitary
Secluded from others yet meditating on oneself is necessary,
I am just petrified by this traumatizing imperfections,
I am numb and dont know what to do.

I am weak,
I cant even find the persons
Who could cure this disease-like pain,
I can be relieved yet no cure.

I can hurt others,
I can feel this guilt,
I can be bitter in my words sometimes.
I can repent over and over
If apologizing is one way of removing your anger.

I can weep and be despaired,
I can grieve over problems,
I can really be saddened by upsetting acts.

I can just be me and learn that life,
Is full of adversities that need to be fixed.