Title: First Touch

Summary: She finally touched me for the first time tonight. It felt so good, and so right...

Rating: M, for sex, under-age sex, same-sex relationships; language.

A/N: Well, I don't have much to say, really. One thing though: A huge, whopping thanks to Vilstrup for reviewing "We'll Go Together." I was so happy, so thanks a million! I hope you like this one! Other than that, please don't be afraid to review, and enjoy it.

First Touch

I had never been with a girl before. Hell, I'd never even been with a boy before. I was sixteen, and she was my first, well… everything.

Of course, I had never had sex. Neither had she, I assumed. So that meant neither one of us knew what the fuck we were doing. I'd never been turned on before, and had never experienced these feelings I was getting while lying on her bed in her dark bedroom.

It was one of the many sleepovers we'd started having on an almost regular basis since we'd gotten together, and things were heating up between us, fast.

It was the middle of the night, and thankfully her room was in the basement of her huge two-storey house. I know I had never been aroused, but because of my love for steamy romance novels, I had a pretty good idea of what happened to a woman, and what was happening to me as Lisa's lips were on mine, and her hands travelled over my body. Since Lisa was just as much of a sucker for smut books as I was, I think she knew what was happening too.

It was summer time, so we were both wearing minimal pyjamas. I was in soccer shorts, no underwear, a bra and a black tank top. Lisa had on flannel pants without underwear, a bra and a red tank top. We had been cuddled up watching a movie because it was kind of chilly in her basement, until from out of nowhere, she pounced on me, pinning me down on the bed.

"Wha –" I started to ask her, but her lips were instantly on mine, kissing me so passionately that my knees would have buckled, had I been standing up.

Her hands began their wandering as she slid up my body so her knees were on either side of my hips. Her hands found by breasts suddenly – a place she'd never touched before – and fire exploded in me. She massaged gently through the clothing, but I found out very quickly, as did she, that what she was doing felt so much better when there were no clothes in the way. She reached between us and ripped my tank top off, before reaching around me to unclasp my bra. No words were spoken between us because we knew that this – going topless, at least – was perfectly okay.

She took a moment to admire me for the first time in my half-nakedness before she dove for my chest with her mouth. Her lips clamped down on one of my nipples, the other being pinched and twisted by her hands, sending more and more heat between my legs, and making it increasingly difficult to lie still.

She suddenly switched nipples, giving me a split-second break in between to breathe. Then her hot tongue began swirling around, and my brain turned off. I whispered encouragement to her, telling her not to stop. She eventually did, but didn't let her lips leave my body. Starting at my mouth, she slowly began kissing her way down me. She went down my neck, down the valley between my breasts, past my ribs and onto my stomach, where her tongue swirled over my bellybutton once before continuing down. Once she hit my shorts her tongue shot out and she licked her way up my body in one smooth motion. I gasped in surprise pleasure and she smiled wickedly, gearing up to repeat.

The first time she did it, her hand grazed between my legs so softly and subtly I though it was an accident, while trying to ignore how good it had felt.

The second time was the same, except she applied just a little bit more pressure, and I tried to ignore it, thinking we weren't quite ready for that kind of touching yet.

Then she did it a third, more obvious time, and that was it. I pulled her up by her brown hair, and said huskily, "Stop fucking teasing me and touch me already!"

Lisa smiled as her hand travelled down, rubbing me through my wet shorts. "I am touching you, baby," she whispered.

I growled at her. "Either really touch me or stop completely," I said, my green eyes challenging.

"Are you sure, Cassie?" she asked, serious now.

I pulled her in for a long, hard kiss. "Yes, Lisa. I'm sure. Now please… touch me. I'm dying!"

Lisa's hand slid down my body, and under the waistband of my shorts. She went over my thatch of hair, careful not to pull at any of them. Then I felt her finger slide farther down, and I finally felt her touch me for the first time.

"Holy fuck…" she whispers, finding my clit and rubbing gently.

I am amazed at what she's doing to me, and am only just able to puff out, "What?"

She realized that where her finger is rubbing is a good spot, and pushes harder and faster. She answers my question, saying, "Baby, you're so wet! I had no idea…"

Between my gasps for air, I say, "Tell me about it!" She starts to rub her finger everywhere, and then suddenly pushes one inside of me, causing me to whisper-shout, "FUCK!"

She kisses me, telling me to try and be quiet, all while she is thrusting a finger in and out of me. She goes on for a little while longer, making my body spasm just a bit, but not pushing me over the edge just yet.

I finally tell her to stop, and she removes her finger from me. It's covered completely, and she wiped it off on the blanket. She pulled me into a warm hug. I felt exhausted. Lisa seemed to be content on stopping now and going back to watching the movie, but I am having none of that.

Skilfully hooking my ankle around her leg, I flip us both over, and successfully pin her down. Leaning in to take her earlobe into my mouth, I whisper seductively, "I had my first touch. Now it's your turn, baby," before sucking it into my mouth.

She didn't resist.

-- End --