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"Man, I hope Roger comes back on…" Regina whispered to herself, hoping for the best, "I feel so…empty without him…"

Ever since she had been debriefed, she all of this sudden felt alone, even isolated from the rest of the team. She couldn't think straight, let alone do anything else. She couldn't eat, sleep, hell, she couldn't even do her biology thesis without having some sort of haunting reminder of what happened down below just a few hours ago.

She sat on her cot in her room, hugging her knees tightly, trying not to cry. Her dive suit was off and she was in her undersuit, and until the rest of the team was informed of Timothy's status, none of the dive teams was going underwater, which meant for her that she was stuck on dry land for some time.

Of course, she was sure that she (and the rest of the team) would get some sort of notice saying that Tim was ok or not, but it didn't matter right now, because all she wanted was to hear Roger's voice, soothing her, telling her it was going to be alright…

She tried desperately to flush the thought of having two of her teammates landlocked while the other three were helpless without a defender underwater…

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. A visitor? She thought, confused and bewildered. Who would be visiting her at this hour?

She walked up to her door and opened it, turning the knob with a quick twist of her wrist.

And as if her prayers were answered, Roger was, lo and behold, standing outside her doorway.

"Regina?" he asked, trying to calm himself, "Is this a good time?"

He was also not in his dive suit, but in his undersuit as well, which outlined his muscles quite nicely for her tastes that she had to keep her eyes locked on his in order to keep from her vision from straying to his chest…

She then realized what Roger must've thought of her in her undersuit. She knew she was a bit good looking (she had to admit) but the way her undersuit outlined her body so snuggly

Her cheeks, no, her whole body suddenly felt warm as she wondered if Roger was having the same problem as she was. Her undersuit didn't feel comfortable (well, it was comfortable a few moments ago, before Roger knocked on her door) as she tried to hide her blush from the Marine.

Wait…I'm blushing?! Good God, am I in high school all over again?! I really hope he doesn't notice… She thought desperately, embarrassed and scared.

"Yes…yes it is," she replied, whispering and faintly smiling. She let go of her doorknob and led Roger inside.

"I-I have something to tell you…something really big, something really important…" he began, clearing his throat beforehand.

"Yes?" she prompted, curious to hear what he had to say.

"Tim…Tim isn't going to be going back with us…" he sighed, hanging his head glumly.

Regina was baffled, and the smile she had been wearing was off her face. The team was going back? Timothy wasn't going back with them?

Wait…the team was going back?!

"We're going back?" she asked, confused. That caught her off guard. The fact that the team was going back after what happened was very baffling indeed, even if it was to be sans Timothy.

"Yes, we're going back…

"Without Tim," Roger replied, confirming his previous statement.

"Why?" Regina asked, trying to figure it all out in her head.

"I don't know," Roger shrugged, "Looks like we'll find out later…"

Regina nodded in agreement, but her face was etched with worry, wondering if Roger was going back.

"Um…Roger?" she asked, hesitantly trying to string her question together.

"Yes?" the Private replied, acknowledging, "What is it?"

"A-are you by chance…

"Not going back either?" Regina whispered, worried. She had every right to be. Here she was, standing with the Marine who saved her from certain death underwater, and now she wasn't certain if Roger was going back or not.

Roger sighed, looking away. "I-I don't know how to put this…

"But I had to let Tim go in order for the doctors to operate on him…so I could stay on…"

Regina's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what she was hearing! He had just said that he wasn't going to leave anyone behind, but here he was, saying the opposite!

"But you said a few hours ago that you-" she began but was cut off.

"I know what I said, but I had to let Tim go for a reason. I had to!" Roger told her, frustration apparent.

"What happened to never leaving a man-" Regina tried to say but was cut off again.

"I don't know what happened other than that Tim needed to have medical help ASAP. It was hard for me to let him go, but I had to!" Roger yet again interrupted, his frustration reaching a bit higher.

Regina was dumbfounded at first, and then she was accepting. It was bitter pill for her to swallow, yes, but she had to soak in the fact that Roger had to let someone go, or else everyone was going to be stuck on dry land…